ONA Bag Giveaway! Win YOUR CHOICE of Ona Bag!

ONA Bag Giveaway! Win YOUR CHOICE of Ona Bag!

Hello to everyone! How about a cool contest for today? ONA Bags has allowed me to give away to one lucky winner, an ONA Bag of choice! YES, any bag that onabags.com sells, it will be the winners choice! ANY BAG! All you need to do to enter is to use the entry form below or CLICK HERE. This is a Facebook contest so you will need to like ONA BAGS on Facebook, On Twitter and like Me on Facebook. Not much to ask to win any bag of your choice from ONA, one of the coolest luxury camera bag makers on the planet! Some of these bags are $400+, so be sure to enter!

ENTER BELOW! ONA SAYS USA ONLY ENTRIES! They will only ship to USA addresses. 


click here to enter!


  1. Yeah out here in HK you have to go with one of the many antique/Leica shops to find these bags- Where you inevitably pay someone for the effort of shipping it over for you. Still pretty cool looking though. Easier to just go to Wotancraft in the Annie Barton shop and buy one in there!

  2. I guess they don’t really want to market themselves internationally. That’s a shame. I guess I’ll look for something else…
    I’m not from the US but I can already see this competition leaving a bad taste in mouths of Steve’s overseas subscribers.

  3. While I would very much like to win one of these great ONA bags I chose not to enter. That rather than release information on all of my facebook friends – which is a requirement to enter the contest.

  4. Shame it’s a closed shop and not for international – especially when the banner advert is for Royal Mail LOL!

    • The banner advert is from google and is designed just for you personally. What you see in the banner ad is not what others will see 🙂 Has nothing to do with the contest, and ONA said USA only, so out of my hands.

  5. USA only. Most comps are international now so this is a bit retro! I think most of us non USA residents would have been happy to pay a bit of shipping had one of us won.

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