J.B. Camera Designs wooden grip for the Sony RX100 III

J.B. Camera Designs wooden grip for the Sony RX100 III


You are either going to really dig this or really hate it. Me, I think it is pretty damn sweet as it is different, and for me, different is always good. Amazon has a few left in stock (prime eligible) of this very cool and very affordable wooden grip designed by J.B. Camera Designs. I love J.B. stuff and this one is no exception. For the RX100 series the one thing that most people complain about is the grip, or lack of a grip. You can buy a cool half case like this one from Gariz, or you can just add a grip. Richard Franiec sells a black grip similar to the wooden one above (but it is not wood) and many love that one (as I did on the original RX100) as it is basic, simple and black so it blens in with the camera body and looks like it was built that way.

So you have options and this is just one of them.


But if you want something cool, something unique and something that is an eye catcher and possibly a conversation starter, give the J.B. Wooden grip a try. At under $25, it will not break the bank and it will add some originality to your little powerhouse camera.

BTW, the RX100 III is one hell of a camera. Sony is going strong my friends, making all kinds of good decisions and the year is not over yet!

If you want to check out the J.B. Wooden Grip, you can see it or order it HERE on Amazon. 


  1. It’s the most disgusting collection of replies I’ve ever read. People just say anything…I’m sure they wouldn’t dare saying the same coments about a black Jaguar wallnut root dashboard…
    Perhaps they don’t have consideration about JB work or other photographers sensitivities…
    Please, take better photographs and write less billious replies…
    Steve Huff site and the other fellow photographers don’t need people like that!

    • Well, many bitter people out there, always has been and will be. The fact is though that these sold out within minutes of posting this, so there are many who liked it 😉

      • I’m glad they sold out…I bought 2…and as I don’t have the Rx100 I made a reservation and I’ll fetch it next Saturday (I’ll share my feelings after a few shots) …and I’m waiting for 2 Wotan Rikers I bough by your advice…Thank’s Steve, and don’t care about the mad dogs howling around…keep the good work as I’m sure there is a lot of people that enjoys your site!

  2. Steve I hear that some have been left disappointed with the video losing Focus as I have watched a few YouTube vids about this with Video Auto focus issues of the mk3.
    Anyway Enough Said and keep up the great work You are doing.

  3. Steve when you review the Sony RX100 MK3 Please can you see if it suffer’s from overblown high-lights as the mk1 and mk2 did …so if you have a mk1 take that and the mk3 out with you and take a shot with both and see if its handles overblown highlights better on JPEG’s.

    • I never had any real problem with blown highlights on 1 or 2, all depends on exposure but it will not have the DR of the larger sensors, no way that is possible. You will have less leeway when it comes to highlights as it is basically an advanced super P&S camera not meant to replace a DSLR or Mirrorless system.

  4. Looks like both an ergonomic and an esthetic disaster. But then, I don’t own that camera, so my opinion is totally irrelevant!

  5. What`s wrong with the Sony grip for the RX100. I had the Franiec grip on the RX100 and now the Sony one on the RX100M3. Both work great and look good.

  6. Looks like a piece of a disassembled kitchen knife glued to a camera. Some people buy everything to look different.

  7. It needs a decent wood without open grain.
    To look good, either a smooth epoxy finish or french type polish would make it less like this poorly finished amateur add-on.
    And what’s with the distracting logo mess?

    • I’ve just received my JB wooden grip today…
      Although not meant to be seen but grabbed, it fits nicely, it looks good, its roughness improves the handling, so Oaklahoma polish everytime (no smoothness, no epoxi, no french whatever…)
      And I don’t mind the burned logo…perhaps someone should ask Coca-Cola why they put a logo in the cans…

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