Leica launches new soft releases!

Leica launches new soft releases!

With all of those soft releases being made and sold over the years it appears that Leica has said “Hey, why don’t we do this”? So now. they have. You can now pimp your Leica with an “official” soft release. Designs are shown below. Let’s just hope they STAY in and do not fall out. My issue with these kinds of releases has been that every single time I have bought one, they have fallen out and been lost. I have yet to have one stay put. Maybe these do?



To get your own release or set of releases, check with your favorite Leica dealer.

Mine are Ken Hansen (khpny19@aol.com), PopFlash.com, the Pro Shop and Leica Store Miami.


  1. I’ve one from Angelo Pelle…which is nice…I really don’t like the Leica design… but I think I could sware for Artisan Obscura (wood) or Technical Match!!!
    Expensive? Well it’s a question of option: I wouldn’t give a dime for a gold ring or other jewell, but I have a Angelo Pelle python neckstrap in my M6, a braided “centenial” in my 240 typ…and yet they would dang as safely from my neck with some Millet mountain cord…! And I’m waiting for 2 wood grips (JB) for my Fujis…
    It’s the same kind of comment about a diamond: 5000 $ for a tiny bit of crystalized carbon…
    We are supposed to have photography as a hobby, to enjoy it..and if I enjoy it more taking shots with a confortable grip, neckstrap, shutterbutton or camera bag…that’s good…

  2. my cameras have a button. Is this a butt-(on) saver? Cool I want that, want to s(h)ave my butt…

    Seriously, is there an Menue-saver, too? How can I activate that?

    A SD-card slot-saver, a Hot-shoe heater? A special Leica-mount babyoil smoother?

  3. In all probability they are just badged releases from another manufacturer, a marketing proposition put to Leica, so why would they say ‘no’?

  4. I have been using PRODOT release for some time. It make the shutter much more tactile and sensitive. However it is necessary to carefully clean the release button with alcohol before attaching, else the DOT can come off.

  5. You can find excellent soft relases on eBay. They always fall out but cost less than two dollars each with shipping, we always get packs of ten and that lasts for a few years. And it makes the trigger finger sooooo much happier, it really gives a much nicer feel.

  6. I use a soft release on my X100s which fell out after a few days shooting. A very small dot of Loctite thread compound solved the problem.

    • Instead of using Loctite, you can use clear nail polish. I used this on my Fuji X100 and the soft release has never fallen off. If you need to remove the soft release, it can easily be done.

  7. Steve,

    The one soft release that I have never had fall out has been the Gariz soft release on my RX1. Just thought folks would like to know.

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