A closer look at the new Olympus 40-150 F/2.8 Pro Zoom (Video)

A closer look at the new Olympus 40-150 F/2.8 Pro Zoom (Video)

or..everything you wanted to know about the new Olympus 40-150 2.8 Pro Zoom but did not know who to ask 🙂 Check out the video below to see all you could want to know on the new Olympus 40-150 Zoom lens. Olympus glass/fast primes are so so good, up there with Leica IMO. This lens will KILL on an OMD body.

You can pre-order it at Amazon HERE. B&H Photo has it as well HERE.  PopFlash.com also sells this lens HERE.


  1. Steve, I am a wheelchair user, and I get out doing a lot of sports and wildlife shooting. I LOVE the EM1, and use it with the 30-100 lumix x lens, because that allows me to shoot from things like rocking boats when going after dolphins and whales. How much heavier is this lens? I would LOVE the extra reach, but I need to be able to hold and shoot one handed, like I do with the 30-100. do you think this will work?

  2. I saw it today at Phtokina. For my taste its kind of big for m43 so I might stay with my Pana 35-100/2.8. Less range but considerably smaller.

  3. I got the E-M1 for about two weeks testing it out. I loved this camera by any means… Touching the EVF hump feels solid like a rock… I realy bound with that camera and trusted on its stability…. Unfortunately, the IQ just didnt cut it for me. Don´t get me wrong… it is fantastic by any means for a m43 sensor. But for me it was just not enough… Now I am using an Sony A7s with ZM lenses and I am totally satisfied with the IQ (for me the most important aspect of a camera).

    But Olympus just has something which makes me re-calculating the value of my gear and checking what I could buy for that whenever I see another of their great announcements. Olympus is realy just a Photo Company with Soul taking care about their customers. I mean, look at that.. they enable 4k recording with an Firmware update instead of releasing a new Body with 4k an some other minor improvementsew Body… Also their Bodys are wonderfully Price stable which I love (sony….. not so much).

    The silver Body never temped me on the Pictures… But seeing it in that Video… Awsome!!! Makes me wanne get one Instantly…. but oh, wait… the IQ :(. Too bad that this wonderfull product is nothing for me…

    • Hi Sascha, what do you mean by “the IQ”? Are you referring to the Silver body E-M1? I thought the IQ was great, just like the black E-M1?

    • I can agree with this. I shoot Sony Alpha and Zeiss glass. The quality is fantastic with the primes, but there is something missing with the Olympus. It’s hard for me to put my finger on it- I think sharpness a bit outside of the 75 and 45 and micro-contrast. It’s hard to explain, but I just know it when I see it. Doesn’t matter most of the time and I use both systems so I’m good to go. I just chalk it up to Olympus having a certain look- you either like it or you don’t.

  4. I might have to add it to my shopping list…… I have the 12-40. So with the 7-14 and this, it might be all you need on an E-M1.. Start to saving up some spare money? I love that Voigtländer mft announcement as well. Sigh.

  5. I know you don’t usually shoot zooms, but this one deserves a review. Looks beautifully made and the sample images are very good.

  6. I really wanted this lens, but I’m wavering now. I rented the Olympus 50-200mm over the summer and found that it worked incredibly well on my E-M1. It retails for $1199 which is $300 less than the 40-150mm. I can find them even cheaper on eBay. It may weigh more but the $400+ I would save could go to a 17mm or 25mm prime. I’d really like to compare them side by side.

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