Photokina Leica Announcements. The Mother load.


Photokina Leica Announcements. The Mother load.

Many new products from Leica announced. Wow!

Well today Leica has announced TONS of new products at Photokina. This is the largest release announcement of the show with new lenses, new cameras and all kinds of accessories. I am not going to list every single item as many of them are just cases or simple accessories but I will talk about the meat and potatoes of the announcements and some of them have been rumored for months, others not so much. For me, Leica has really come through with some cool pieces here, even the newly revamped Summarit line of lenses. I am looking forward to reviewing the new X, the new D-Lux and even the new S. I will also be taking a look at the new Summarit line as well as the new Zeiss ZM 35 1.4 if that is indeed a reality.



Leica has brought us new cameras for this Photokina. How about a Leica M 60 Edition (for 60 years of the M) that does not include a rear LCD. Nope, no chimping allowed here! It is basically an M 240 without the LCD on the back. $18,500 with a 35 Summilux  stainless steel lens. Ouch. LIMITED TO 600 SETS WORLDWIDE!


Leica also released quite the selection from the V-Lux to the D-Lux to the new X type, TWO S cameras, the S and S-E, and the new film M-A camera. The new X will be like the X1/X2 but it also gets a speed increase with a 23mm f/1.7 Summilux lens! Gone is the f/2.8 lens of the X1 and X2, Leica did what they needed to do with this one and brought along a Summilux with some speed to the new X. A VERY WELCOME addition!. Leica means business at Photokina time and this year is no exception. They are obviously pushing full steam ahead and bringing more and more options in all kinds of price ranges. The new V-Lux will appeal to a certain crowd and the D-Lux will be just like the Panasonic LX100, but with a pretty Leica shell, warranty and software 🙂 I feel the LX100 and Leica D-Lux will be a pretty special camera, a future classic if you will.


I will do separate posts once more details are provided on each major release so keep an eye out here all week for news on the new stuff!

ALL links below go to more info on each item, photos and pre-order options at B&H PHOTO!

The Leica M  – 60 Year Edition – M 240 with no LCD on the back! – $18,500 LLIMITED EDITION SET WITH 35 SUMMILUX FLE IN STAINLESS STEEL!


The Leica M-A in Black  –  The Leica M-A in Silver

The Leica X Typ 113 IN BLACK  –  The Leica X Type 113 in Silver 


The Leica V-Lux Typ 114

The Leica D-Lux Typ 109 – Panasonic LX100 Leica version, $1195.

The Leica S Typ 007

The Leica S-E Typ 006

The Leica X-E – Basically this is an X2 in a new color/shell





Leica has announced some new surprises, like the all Silver Noctilux (I have seen one and it is gorgeous) and the silver 35 Summilux. The question is, will they be HEAVY like the old silver versions or will the be lighter, or the same? If the Noct is heavier it will be a problem 🙂 Still, it is cool for Leica to offer these options. The new Summarit line also arrives with a refresh and a tad faster speed going from f/2.5 to f/2.4. The entire Summarit range has gotten the boost from the 35 to the 90.


ALL links below go to more info on each item, photos and pre-order options at B&H PHOTO!

The Noctilux 50 f/0.95 in SILVER

The 35 Summilux FLE in SILVER

The new Leica Summarit 35 f/2.4 in BLACK, or in SILVER

The new Leica Summarit 50 f/2.4 in BLACK or in SILVER

The new Leica Summarit 75 f/2.4 in BLACK or SILVER

The new Leica Summarit 90 f/2.4 in BLACK or SILVER




The Leica T is a camera I thoroughly enjoyed. It has the Leica vibe going on but in a modern kind of apple way. Many trashed it but I saw through the hubbub and discovered that it really was a true Leica at heart. It stands for simplicity, IQ, small size and amazing quality of build, feel and pictures. The two new lenses below are kind of stinky. Slow zooms yet again, so not sure where Leica is headed with the T but many that I know use it with their M lenses, so maybe that is why Leica is just releasing more zooms. I do know a fast prime is coming later 🙂

Super-Vario-Elmar-T 11-23 f/3.5-4.5 ASPH

APO-Vario-ELmar-T 55-135 f/3.5-4.5 ASPH



The Zeiss 35 1.4 ZM lens, WOW!! This one will come in at $2250 but that is less than half of the Leica 35 Summilux FLE. I am sure this will have the typical Zeiss pop, color, warmth and rendering. I will call it ALL MINE! I love almost all of the Zeiss ZM glass preferring some of it to the Leica counterparts. This lens will be gorgeous, and also the most pricey of the ZM standard lenses.

New Voigtlander lenses for M mount 

Pre Order Links – $100 deposit at Cameraquest:

The new 35 1.7 in Black – and in Chrome

The 40 2.8

The 15 4.5 III

and the 10.5 0.95 for M 4/3


Photokina is the gift that just keeps on giving. Today Voigtlander announced the new 35 1.7 Ultron lens in VM mount (Leica). This is yet ANOTHER fast 35mm option for Leica M or Sony A7 users. HOW SWEET IT IS! The cool thing is that the Voigtlander lenses are just as well made as the Zeiss lenses and offer image quality that may not equal Zeiss or Leica but is still VERY nice. Take a look at the new 35 1.7 Ultron VM, which looks similar to the amazing 50 1.5 that I reviewed a while back.


There is also a new version of the 15mm Heliar that I love so much, the new VM Heliar 15 II. No pic yet but will have one soon. Finally, another new Leica M mount lens from Voigtlander will be the 40mm 2.8 Heliar pancake lens, a slim and gorgeous retro design. So three new Leica mount lenses from Voigtlander! Woohoo!


You can pre-order these lenses at my Voigtlander recommended dealers, CAMERAQUEST.COM. I will be reviewing these new VM lenses for sure! Not sure of pricing just yet, but Voigtlander is always reasonable.

You can also buy Voigtlander at B&H Photo HERE.



Ken Hansen (E-Mail him at

The Pro Shop

B&H Photo for Voigtlander




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  1. (I wrote something with my $6000 new Leica M60 ink pen, but I can’t see it until I get home and develop it in 100% lemon juice.)

  2. Michiel,

    indeed – this is a _true_ retro digital camera. And certainly more to pretend-retro cameras like the Df or the retro-lookalikes from Fuji… Quite daring, the M60, but I daresay, they will sell.

    (Not to me – such money I would rather spend on the new CFV-50C for my trusty old Hassy 2000FC/M plus a nice stockpile of films for my M6 (;-))…



  3. According to the D-Lux/LX100 spec sheets the D-lux has a low calibrated ISO of 80, while the LX100 has a calibrated ISO of 200 – extended down to 100 (JPG only). If that’s correct, there seem to be some small differences after all.

  4. Hey Steve! Thanks for the updates. If you look at the new silver M lenses, they are listed as ‘Silver Annodized’ and the weight is the same as the black versions in the specs. This leads me to believe they are the new silver aluminum lenses. I think Leica talked about this as they were moving into the new plant. Interestingly, though, the lenses have the same price increase as some of the brass chrome models. So, looks like nice weight for a silver lens, but at a premium for the same build. I would have loved to see the 35 Summilux in chrome! Yes, the noctilux would get heavy…

  5. Seems as those there are a few slight, minor differences between the Panasonic LX100 and the Leica version such as size/style of the buttons on the back, but the biggest difference seems to be ergonomics. The Leica is missing both the rear thumb grip on the back but most importantly the front hand grip. Not sure how much of a difference that would make in handling but could be substantial to some. I know for me I was just about ready to cancel my LX100 preorder and go with the Leica until I noticed the lack of grips. Now I’ll have to reconsider.

  6. Voigtlander looks interesting … First off, the day I bought myself a Nokton 35/1.2 (I love this lens so I am not complaining) they announce the new 1.7!! That’s another lens for me to buy 🙂

    Second off – I am looking forward to getting my hands on one of the 40 Heliars – that will be a very compact lens on my A7.

  7. the M60 . . . . they should have borrowed a page from the RD-1 and included an obligatory shutter cocking lever . . . I think if it had any real “functional” purpose it should be put in the hands of newbie students who might actually learn something from working with it but obviously that’s not who it’s intended for nor whose hands it’s gonna wind up in . . . a beautiful “object” to be sure, i suppose you could call it a “trophy camera” . . .. . there are people who are into that sort of thing . .. . .

  8. Other than the Summilux upgrade to the X, It’s pretty much what I expected from what Leica has turned into.
    Recently, I’ve been on a purge of my ‘library’ including much of my Leica literature/publications/catalogs after the mid 1970’s. I was reminded of the complete system camera company Leica was up until then with the M and Leicaflex line. It is a new age.
    Leica is a company hanging it’s hat in a luxury market; that is not news. What they have done is halted any real developmental improvements in the M body outside of what other companies are doing technically – digitally.
    The M viewfinder is ancient in it’s useability, and why not make it better? Make a larger eyepiece, a better finder is not asking that much – unless you are satisfied with a ‘classic’ product/body with nice lenses.
    Leica, please, the S is unimportant to the vast majority of serious photographers, it/you drove a whole user base away from Leica. The nice small format cameras are useable, but not out in front with what Leica was once capable of doing. No comment on the designer T system are worth the words.
    So, congratulations to Leica for crawling along and around the edges of the industry with greatly upmarket, average usefulness ‘designer’ products that represent what is left of what Leica once was. Maybe some collectors will want my Leica PR collection.

  9. I am really glad to see the new X. Quite a bit more bulky than the X-E (where I would love to hear about the improvements over the X2), but hey – if the lens is great it could even get some of the X100 users on its side (at least the more wealthy ones 🙂 )

    I also recall many ‘purists’ asking for LCD-less digital Leica – so guys, there you go. Grab one while you can 🙂

  10. The M60 is indeed a thing of beauty, but removing the LCD does not make this as retro as they are claiming. You can still change the ISO between shots. They should lock the ISO after the first shot for a pre determined amount of shots, 24 or 36.

    I appreciate that this is a collector’s edition, but their pricing is just putting it out of the range of most photographers. I fear that the people who will end up with this camera will barely ever use it.

    I would love to use a Leica to feel that almost legendary feeling one gets from using one (it seems universal that Leica users LOVE shooting them) but can not justify thousands on a camera that falls short in low light, and has such a specialised accessory and service Eco system.

  11. Just noticed this… the 50mm 2.4 Summarit lens now uses a 46mm filter, unlike the 39mm use by the previous 2.5, and a bunch of faster Summicrons!
    It looks like Leica swelled out the lens for style. It does look nice..

  12. p.s. is Leica going to re-introduce a separate clip on light meter for the M-A? There is a notch in the shutter speed dial all ready for one (just like the M3 etc)

    And… the cynical amongst us may think that there is no difference mechanically between the new Summarit 2.4 lenses vs the old 2.5 lenses. Maybe all Leica did was rename 2.5 to 2.4 as it sounds ‘nicer’, as there is no way you are going to see any difference in exposure.

  13. Steve

    Any idea where the Zeiss 35mm 1.4 is made? If it is made by CV in Japan, then $2200 is not worth it, judging by the build quality issues (Zeiss wobble, binding/squeaking focus rings etc) the CV lenses are plagued with. Been there, done that…
    If it is made in Germany by Zeiss, then very cool.

    Best regards

    • I am sure it will be made just like all of the others. If it were made in Germany it would be $5k. I had a loose ZM lens once, which was a 50 f/2 ZM. It was the 1st year it was introduced and a loaner from Zeiss. I have since owned 4 Zeiss ZM lenses, never an issue. I own two of them now, no issues. I did have a wobbly Leica 50 APO here, and a wobbly Noctilux though 🙂 I’m buying the 35 and find it a deal at the asking price. So review will be here eventually with a shoot out against the Leica 35 1.4 Summilux.

    • Zeiss CV lenses are great. Sure they are not engineered as well as a Leica glass but why would they be at that price point? I must admit I do feel a bit of a letdown when I swap from a Leica lens to a Zeiss lens mechanically speaking but they are like comparing apples & oranges price wise so should not really be judged on that aspect, it’s just not fair.

      That said – if it was me I’d be looking at a used Summilux first before a new Zeiss Distagon 35mm f/1.4.

    • X series never had an integrated finder. Leica has both optical and electronic viewfinders that attach to the flash shoe.

  14. Love how the M-A has reverted to the sloooooooooow KNOB rewind of the M3/M2! Clearly this is a camera for those who want to look cool but don’t care about taking pictures so much. I wonder if it has the traditional removable/droppable/losable removable take-up spool as well…?

    • As someone who’s used both an m6ttl and an MP, I think the hype about the rewind knob is just hype. It’s never slowed me down – not too many of us getting shot at these days while we are shooting with our film Ms. I plan for my film changes. And rewind cranks are easily had. I like the lines and the robustness of the m3/mp style rewind knob. The tiny little m6 etc angled one is faster….but far more frail.

  15. Wow. The X113 and the 109 (Pana LX7) look very interesting. I might even pay the Leica premium for the 109 as it looks very classy and classic. That tiny 50 Summarit looks great.

  16. I just dont know why the video button is still on the M60. That would have been my first choice to give up. Overall I would like to see a MM without screen. That would be fabulous.

  17. Can’t say I really get the M 60 at all. sure, I can see the concept and no rear screen and it looks wonderful etc but without a rear screen you cannot change any aspect of the camera’s settings. So how do you use 6 bit settings for lenses? Plus change a whole host of other settings?

    Cannot see in any way how this is a usable camera other than to sit in the usual peoples glass cabinets doing nothing. The M-A without meter is another puzzler, why not just take the battery out of your MP if you want a meter less camera? What advantage does it have over my M4 other than looking fantastic?

    As a long time Leica use & lover I am just a bit confused in recent years. In between the brilliance of many new launches there have been a fe that don’t fully add up to 100% once you think about using a camera out in the real world. Hey ho.

    • Totally agree with you. This is a big Huh? for me. One of the advantages of the 240 is its Live View. The the M-A without a meter? Um…. M2? M3? M4? These are boutique items for the idle rich.

    • Leica assumes that people who actually use the M 60 will use 6-bit coded lenses. The only thing you´d miss is the ability to format the SD card in the field. All functions that the camera can do can be done in software: b&w conversion, JPEG, etc. And manual mode is the new exposure compensation.

      But really – I cannot think of any essential function that the LCD serves, apart from focus checking. It´s convenient, that´s true. If you prefer composing (and exposing) using live view instead of using the viewfinder, only then do you have a real problem.

    • The M60 makes absolutely no practical sense whatsoever. It’s like removing the entire instrument cluster from a car. That’s not “cool” or “unique”, or anything else. It’s just dumb and only makes shooting more difficult and frustrating (on a digital camera).

      But, many Leicaphiles and rich fashionistas will eat it up as wonderfully bespoke, I’m sure (since for many of them it’s about the prestige of carrying the red dot around … not the image).

  18. For me, being an owner of several M bodies, the most spectacular item is the new X with the 1.7 summilux! No interest in the digital M without LCD, neither the analogue…..


  19. This is the first time I’ve said I would like more than one leica

    MA analog RF
    M60 digital FF RF without lcd
    XE apsc with fixed Summilux F1.7
    Dlux Type 109 m43 Summilux-Summicron-Summarit-Elmarit F1.7-2.8 : 24-75mm

  20. I wonder whether the elimination of the rear LCD leads to a thinner body, getting closer to the original Leica M dimensions. Any chance to get a later “mass production” version with “Airdrop”?

  21. Yes, Leica Camera forum shows the M Edition 60, which is a digital M with absolutely no screen, and only very basic settings aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and focusing are all one gets. But, less is more as it is set to retail at 15,000€ as a set with the Summilux-M 35 mm f/1.4 ASPH. Phew!

  22. Steve, Thanks for the updates.
    Considering the 3 year warranty, the added A Lightroom, the price difference between D-Lux (~1200) and LX100 (~900) is not that much. I actually would be tempted to buy the Leica. I like the slick design better.
    Is there any chance you could test them side by side, to see whether there is any difference?

    Otherwise, I really like the GM5 (I also like the GM1, but with the added EVF is even better), but I am rather tempted for D-Lux, because of the lens. I will definitely wait for the reviews. I would love to see how this lens performs, especially at 12mm f1.7. Would be great to see against the Oly 12mm f2.0, because that’s my favourite lens.
    Many thanks again for the great articles. Always a pleasure to read.

    • This is the best D-Lux ever, no question. Though I have to laugh at Leica’s marketing spin >>

      “…with a diagonal measuring precisely one-half of the 35 mm format diagonal…”

      Sure, but it’s one-quarter of the overall surface area. Not that that makes it incapable in any way, it’s just funny to read them framing it in such a way as to make it sound even more impressive than it actually is.

      Ah well, Marketing 101: put the best spin on it you can.

  23. Looking at the M-A I’m not sure if it has metering — one assumes it has, and if so it’s basically a replacement for the M6, which is my favourite M film camera. I’m not sure about the S cameras, though they look easier to use than the mamiya and hasselblad competition.

    And that 35 mm Zeiss lens looks interesting.

  24. Clean lines of the DlUX (Panasonic Lx100), design, spec = modern mini Digiluix 2 / LC1
    goregous in gold.

    If at 35mm f2 iso 200-3200 IQ (not shallow dof) is
    90% IQ of Type T with 35 Cron & 18-56 vario elmar
    80% IQ of Sony Rx1 FF

    Then Dlux Typ109 (Panaonic Lx100) is the killer for me.

    Leica warranty & customer service is worth the $300:
    Digilux 2 sensor was still being repaied for free NINE yiears after its release.
    (Leica are still reparing any issues with Digilux 2 and will continue at very reasonable rates).

    • How can you say this camera is capable of 80% IQ of Sony RX1 without some actual comparative photos? Image quality is too subjective to be based purely on camera specs and technical data.

      That said, I’ve seen the real life sample shots on the Leica site and the camera’s IQ does indeed look impressive…

      With any luck, our friend Mr Huff might get his hands on one in the not too distant future! 😉

  25. Hi Steve…on the Leica homepage there is also the Leica M Edition 60
    It is the rumored digital camera without the LCD.
    I thought they going to include Wi-Fi, so that you could transfer the pics to your smartphone for checking if needed.
    I kind of get this camera, but still stay with Film. It is the same and I am sure I can shoot many roles of film for that price 🙂

    • Now that’s news! If you can read French of course. Fortunately I can.

      A daring step backwards for Leica, and at last a true retro digital camera, unlike the Df which is faux retro.

  26. Leica S USD25’400 – oh how I would love to try one of these beasts one day.. But, although it is all lovely stuff, it is way out of my budget, and even the M-A kicks in with almost 5 grand. So how about some Voigtländer news? There should be at least 4 new things on that front ,-)

    I’ll take care of the 2014 Leica releases when I can trade in some of my photogear to get a newer M or so (to replace my M8) in a couple of years from now *g*

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