Sony A7II Kit Lens Version IN STOCK NOW


The A7II with 28-70 Kit Lens is IN STOCK now at B&H Photo for immediate shipping! They do not have the body only (sold out) but the body with the kit lens is available right now. I have been shooting with the A7II for over a week now and while I do not want to put out a spoiler for  my upcoming review, believe me when I say it is a camera that punches way above its price point. I ordered one for myself after a few hours with the review sample. The A7II and A7s combo, for me, is as good as it gets in 2014 for IQ, versatility, and capabilities.

Order the IN STOCK Sony A7II with 28-70 kit zoom HERE at B&H Photo NOW!


    • Yes, all FE lenses are made for the A7 series. They are all full frame and the 35 2.8 is fantastic. I own one and show shots from it in this very review. Thank you.

  1. My intention is to use this camera with my old OM Zuiko Olympus lenses. They are very compact and fast.
    But I would appreciate a contemporary functioning lens for efficient operation (such as autofocus), so the “kit lens” might be good enough.
    So, how good is the kit lens?
    I’m not expecting Zeiss quality (I also have a Hasselblad 500 and owned the amazing RX100 II), but would I vomit if I saw the results?

  2. Hi Steve,

    Perhaps you have done this before…however, could you please do a rundown of the best lenses for this camera currently. A top 5 list maybe?

    Thanks, and will order through your link!

  3. Great price and camera for sure, however, there are only 19 days left of 2014, so I’m a little hesitant to pull the trigger on one, wondering what the “as good as it gets” will be for 2015…. Perhaps with a A7r II with the new grip, maybe 46meg sensor, IBIS, EFC, new sensor cover etc…. Honestly just EFC alone would be fantastic along with the new grip.

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