Best Christmas Deal Yet. Nikon Coolpix A, $700 OFF!

Best Christmas Deal Yet. Nikon Coolpix A, $700 OFF!

The fabulous Nikon Coolpix A, the pocket APS-C IQ monster that sold for $1100 since launch has now sunken to an amazing LOW price for the Silver model (which looks really sharp in person). Do not pay $1099, nope! B&H Photo is blowing out the silver Coolpix A for $399. THIS my friends is the best deal of the year I think.

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 1.19.38 PM

You can see my Coolpix A review HERE, and then if you want one at this special price of $399 B&H Photo is even including FREE Next Day Shipping! Wowzers! Thanks to Brad Husick for the tip!

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 1.29.35 PM

You can also add the nice $399 OVF to the camera and save $300 on that as well! So you can get the camera and OVF for $499 total, free next day air shipping!



  1. I’ve had the GR since it came out, and as an everyday, walk around camera, it’s been great, small, pocketable, great lens, if the Nikon A is as good, it’s a steal at this price! Maybe not perfect colour for street shooting, but you can always do a custom leatherette cover with the money you’re saving!!!

  2. The OVF is sold out now, but still a great deal. Steve, you may want to add a link to Amazon since they have the same deal now that the OVF is gone….

  3. Please consider the fact that the original price was considerably overpriced. This camera was almost as expensive as the X100S, but a far inferior camera. It was also more expensive than the Ricoh GR, which was the superior model of the two.

    Watch the TheCameraStoreTV review of this camera. Has many issues. AF isn’t the best, manual focus ring has issues, video is problematic with terribly slow AF and no ability to adjust MF after starting recording. Overall the Ricoh GR seems to be the better camera and has always been cheaper. With this Nikon fire sale price, it is finally cheaper than the Ricoh, but unless you are a Nikon DSLR shooter and want a camera you can quickly adapt to, this thing is not the best option out there, even with the discount.

    Yes it is discounted, but the camera isn’t very good.

    • It’s not really inferior to the X100S, in fact, the IQ is a bit better due to the better lens. Wider angle but better than the X Trans sensors. AF is typical for this class of camera, and at $399 it is a much better deal than the Ricoh and will offer slightly better IQ and color and better build/feel but the Ricoh has other things that make it preferable for many. Can’t go wrong at $399, it’s a fantastic camera.

      • And Thanks to Steve Huff, I bought one and it is Much Much sharper than the X100s. It is very compact and fits into a pocket and light in a coat. AF is fine if you toggle macro mode for close shots. Normal AF is only good for further distances like landscape. Even in Macro it can focus out to medium far but not for landscape. AF speed is same as a X100s except this have to be flipped to macro/non macro.

        The flash on this is HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! compared to the Fuji X100s. Even worst than Sony. It is super harsh to unusable. Must use a large ext flash on the hotshoe to get bounce or soft lighting.

        Overall for $399 this is a steal and it’s the best deal of the year. Sony a6000 is $450 plus a $350 20mm f2.8 lens and it’s not even as sharp as the Coolpix A. X100s for $850 cost a lot more than the Coolpix A and it’s larger to carry around but the camera looks so good. I can’t put down my X100s because it looks so good. Btw, my fuji have exposure problems. Sometimes it expose too brightly. I set to F2 and use A for shutter and auto ISO up to 1600. Pictures are 25% washed out sometimes and 10% too dark so I take 4 to 5 pictures and a few will be perfectly exposed. Coolpix A don’t have this problem except LCD will show brighter than the actual picture taken.

        • Fuji’s have always over exposed…I have been waiting for them to fix this for years yet the new X100T does the same thing. Always have to dial in EV comp when using a Fuji X100, X100s or X100T.

  4. So $399
    Is the actual cost of Nikon sending it to a retailer to be sold at $1099.
    One can thus hazard a guess its cost to Nikon without sending to retailer is even less.

    Thus are we probably looking at 4x markup
    Probably on all cameras, lenses ….by every manufacturer ?

    • Selling it at a lost to get metrics. I bought an EV Rav4 out the door for under $30,000 plus I get tax credits and state Rebates. Toyota had to get rid of them to get the sales numbers even if it’s a lost to hit their target. I see the same with this camera. Nikon didn’t want to see this as a failure and will post metrics to the group and say we’re on track to sell out all Coolpix As by the end of the year. Everyone is then happy to hear the news and go make a new camera.

      • Actually, now that it is $399 and they have hundreds of them in stock at B&H (and other shops have plenty as well) it just shows that it was a sales flop, just as the Nikon V1, V2 and V3 were. The V1’s blew out for $200 with two lenses after premiering at over $1k. Nikons problem is they fail to create anything with any real innovation or wow factor. The V1 was awesome as was the V2 but most did not understand how good and did not want t buy a small sensor camera for $1200. At $200 they sold hundreds of them within a week or two and many got a deal, and the 1 series proved to be a sales failure even if it was a great (and still is) camera. Until Nikon releases something worthy and pushes forward like Sony is doing they will keep producing sales flops. Great cameras but a tough sell with the competition.

        Nikon and Canon have just been going with the same old DSLR flow and every year their sales fall lower and lower. The only two companies pushing forward aggressively is Fuji and Sony. Leica is trying to release a bunch of models hoping something sticks (when they should drop ALL and concentrate on the M and make a true mini APS-C RF M) and Olympus makes some of the best cameras out there but they may be stuck as the E-M1 is so good, not sure what they can do to improve it with that sensor size.

        Panasonic, Samsung, Sigma…all underdogs IMO who will eventually run into problems.

        Sony, Fuji, Olympus will be OK. Leica, not so sure as they seem to be on a downward trend right now due to pricing structure and the fact that these days, there are cameras that can do better than their M for much less money and the X series is flawed and a bit clunky. In the days of the M9, this was not so as there was nothing like the M9 or the X1 at that time. They need something special for their next in a new and much better sensor.

        Not sure how this reply turned into a rant so sorry about that! In any case, the Nikon is selling now, though still not like it should be! (The SE Stellar sold more at $999 each).

  5. I have one, unfortunately I don’t live in the USA otherwise I would have clicked on your link and get another one, it’s a fabulous camera and a great price. It’s only the Ricoh GR in my opinion that can give you similar quality in such a small size.

    Of course the only limitation is the fixed lens, but I had a Lumix GX7 with a 20mm/1.7 lens and as the other MFT lenses that I wanted were so expensive, I ended up using the GX7 as a fixed lens compact anyway, so in the end I sold it again and now I use the Coolpix A as my walkaround camera when I don’t want to lug around a full frame DSLR. Anyone who is still hesitating, go for it, you won’t be disappointed in the image quality.

  6. Hi Steve,

    Looks interesting, but I don’t see the $99 OVF…it seems to be priced at $399. Did I miss it?

    • It’s there. It’s on they Coolpix A page itself listed to the right of the camera image. You must click on the link there to get the special price on the OVF.

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