The Leica M 60 Special Edition. Now $2200 OFF!

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The Leica M 60 Special Edition. Now $2200 OFF!

THE LEICA M60 – $2200 OFF. Now $16,280 with the special stainless steel 35 1.4 Summilux FLE. Previous price was $18,500. So if you have been lusting after this one of a kind digital M 240 without an LCD, without any special modes, without a JPEG mode, and with a unique design, NOW is the time to get one. Yes, it’s a bank account buster but there are many out there that want this (I know, I spoke with quite a few of you). It will not get any cheaper than this for a new in box M60 edition!

Buy it HERE at B&H Photo. 

“Blending a minimalist approach to digital imaging, the Edition “Leica 60″ of the Leica M (Typ 240) is a digital full-frame rangefinder camera designed with an emphasis on the four basic elements of photography: shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and focus. With each of these controls manually adjustable, the Edition 60 omits digitally-conventional elements of design for a pared-down approach to shooting. No rear LCD monitor and no menu system avail a clear and direct method of working, with the only means of recording being an uncompressed DNG raw still image file. Offered in a special limited edition of only 600 units, and paired with a unique Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH lens, custom camera cover, and a handmade presentation box, the Leica Edition 60 serves as an apt summation of the founding principles of the Leica M system, and the basic elements of photography as well.”


  1. Most of the people that have bought (or would buy) an M 60 are not going to post on here saying so and justifying their decision.

    This sort of topic is always going to attract more negative than positive posts.

  2. Leica is not the same company it was. Their products are now under spec. and over prices, my last Leica was the M8.2 and I’m now mainly shoots with the Sony A7R/S or MKII which I love and see little point to keep my once held dear nostalgia of the Leica name.

  3. I like the idea of this camera yet I can kind of agree with the points made by Roger. The fact that I cannot chimp with my film camera adds to my experience when shooting . I also like things like a small bit of automation when things speed up and I can still keep shooting.
    Would love Leica to come up with an economical minimalist digital Leica CL type camera with manual focus aperture priority auto exposure high ISO and no LCD!
    I would love one but my lust after camera will always be the Mono -now the new Mono !

    • It’s funny to me that so many talk about the virtues of film in terms like: ‘no chimping’….’only 36 exposures to a roll’….’don’t know what ya got till the film is developed’….

      It’s a little ironic because for those of us who grow up with film, the chimping and ability to shoot thousands of frames at no cost (if thats your thing) are what marginalized film almost to the point of irrelevance.

      Not a judgement call, just an observation….

  4. It’s a shame that a lot of Leica’s Special Edition Models get purchased and never even taken out of the packaging and stored and later sold for profit. I would rather see them out and about being used as photographic tools not investment instruments. Due to it’s price most M 60’s are probably gonna end up in storage, not out on the streets.

  5. I’m not going to talk about price other than I won’t be getting one. When I first read about this, I was intrigued by the concept, so I started a trial with a couple of cameras that allowed me to turn off the LCD screen, in fact one I taped over. I was curious about the experience of shooting without the benefit (I won’t use the word “crutch” here) of the LCD and menu. What I learned follows, but first a bit of why.

    I’ve shot with a M3 and got pretty good at even guessing exposures on Tri-X. I calibrated my developing and printing process so that the only variable was my guess at exposure. Eventually I found a early Sekonic Studio meter on a sales table that in hindsight was probably grossly mismarked in price – anyway I could afford it. Wow, what a change when I started understanding the subtleties of metering – and incident metering. Then eventually there was the Vivitar 283 that metered it’s own light – can you believe an automated picture in the dark!!! On this evolution, the M3 finally wore out the third time and it was in the serial number range that shutter repairs were no longer feasible. I was fortunate enough to find a used M6 and learned the wonders of TTL metering.

    What I discovered by shooting my now current digital cameras with the electronic feedback essentially disabled was I could get maybe just a little better range of keepers than when I was shooting the very basically controlled film camera. The difference was in the breadth of the RAW file and varied from camera to camera based on how well they provided highlight recovery – guess what – that’s what all the film developing and printing calibration processes were all about.

    So Leica has decided to take a risk and offer 600 no-feedback units to the market. I commend them on their attempt to re-introduce the glamour of film photography, but I would rather experience film with a M(246). At each point of the technological evolution of the photographic process, my images improved. I don’t think I want to return to that realm of uncertainty that started with a guess. It was also a time of anticipation and excitement while awaiting the results of shooting without instant validation, but the competition isn’t doing that now.

    I truly commend Leica for this offering. I wouldn’t have ever dreamed it were possible at a premium, even a highly discounted premium. However, it is in the marketplace and people can evaluate their desires – if there are consumers that need this entry I’d really like to be part of that discussion because I think I could learn something for the time spent.

    I wonder how this would have been received if it were (as-is) offered at a discounted price with a Summarit lens option. I wish I could remember the name of the camera, but there was at one time a viable Leica body that was basically just a shutter and film chamber designed (I believe) primarily for a copy stand application. IIRC that was about as basic of a Leica that you could get.

  6. I’d love one. If I had not ordered a M Monochrom typ 246, I’d be digging out the checkbook. but it would still be more than a little stretch, and the MM246 body will do what I’m looking for.

      • Thank you .. I think. 🙂

        What I’d really like is a *production* M Edition 60 body with the MM246 sensor. I have no need for the special edition cachet, fancy finish, or another 35mm lens … the look and feel of the black M-P is just fine for me, and I have all the lenses I want. I just like the ME60 camera’s stark simplicity.

        I don’t need an M3 either, my M4-2 does me fine for film. But it’s not a digital camera, and digital capture nets options that no amount of film and scanning equals.

  7. Hmm, I don’t get the allure of this model. And thank god I don’t want it since I could never afford it.

  8. It is only $13,770 (12,500 Euros) if you buy it from the LeicaShop in Vienna. They ship worldwide fully insured for free.
    It’s been that price for months now and I’ve known a few who have taken advantage of that

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