READER QUICK SHOT: Leica M240 and 50 Noctilux by Tom Woods

READER QUICK SHOT: Leica M240 and 50 Noctilux

by Tom Woods

From Steve: This “Quick Shot” will be a new series much like the daily inspiration but with ONE SHOT only. If you have ONE SHOT that you love, send it to me with a description of the shot, what you used to take the image and why you like it. I may post it as a “Quick Shot”! Send to me at

Dear Steve:

For your consideration, here’s one shot that I like, probably more than any other.

Shown are my neighbors Dick and Kathy Ralston in their hot tub. This photo was taken one week after Kathy was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. Dick and Kathy asked me to take this photo before Kathy started chemotherapy and her hair fell out.

December 2014 4-1003475

Details: Leica M240 + 50mm 0.95 Noctilux.

Thanks, Steve, and please keep up the good work. I love your posts and articles.

Tom Woods


  1. Thank you for this wonderful tribute to my very dear friends, Dick and Kathy. They are not only fine, giving people but are everyone’s best friend – truly. I love them dearly and thank you for this. What a lovely piece.

  2. Thanks for all the nice feedback. Let’s all wish Dick and Kathy well on their continuing journey.

  3. Context always changes one’s perception of a photo. In the case of this pic, it is much more powerful once you know the story behind it.

  4. Great shot in its own right. God bless your neighbour and i wish her well in her struggle.

  5. Indeed — they will always be 20, and eternally in love. Dick and Kathy are exceptional human beings. My wife and I are but two of hundreds of people who love them dearly.

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