The Ricoh GR: London & Scotland by Justin Press

The Ricoh GR: London & Scotland

by Justin Press


Hello Steve & Brandon,

Further travels with the trusted Ricoh GR (Mark I). Nothing to add to the words and feelings given regarding this little machine. I nearly gave in to the x100T and maybe one day I will but for now still trying to be the best I can with the GR.

London, Scotland and the railway grandeur b/t Victoria and Dundee.







Yes, yes my terrible watermarks are a distraction and my frames are not the best but hey I’m trying to shoot not decorate. Any advise on a watermark would be lovely.





  1. I took a v.1 on a trip to Istanbul last year. B&W JPEGs right out of the camera have a ‘filmic’ quality no other digital cam seems able to replicate, aside from the Leica Monochrom sisters. The JPEG engine seems optimized for this.

    The GR’s unassuming look attracts no attention and proves that you don’t need to spend several months salary to get superb results.

    The lens is something surprising. Higher contrast and better resolution than any Nikon or Zeiss 28s I’ve used. Only the Leica R 28 Elmarit v.2 is appreciably better but at the cost of 4 GRs. When I moved from Nikon to Leica M, I didn’t even bother with a 28; just slip the GR in one pocket and leave the 50 on the Leica.

    • I know the Elmarit-R 28 (w. clip-on hood, the version before the latest model) very well, and I definitely prefer the GR lens. Don’t know about the latest Elmarit-R or the current M version.

      For me the GR is the biggest bang for the buck of all time. 😉

  2. Just got back from a trip in China, and I shot exclusively with Ricoh GR II + the 21mm lens adapter. It’s amazing. I started out shooting in RAW+, but was so pleased with it’s positive film effect, I quickly turned off RAW and was very happy with the results.

    Gotta love the transitions on my friends when they first saw my camera, from the ‘why are you carrying this shitty P&S’ look to be honestly impressed when they saw the pictures.

  3. All are lovely shots! The Ricoh GR really seems like a great camera for I always see people post great pictures produced by it =)

  4. I also recently picked up a GR ii. I love it, what a great camera. I’ve owned a x100 & x100T in the past and I feel that the files i get out of the GR convert to amazing BW using lightroom. Also you cant beat the portability of the Ricoh. I dont know about you but between my OLY OMD EM1 & the GR i wont be buying a new camera until these break.

    Great photos BTW! Keep shooting and thanks for sharing.

  5. Great pics! I love my Ricoh GR. what are you using to post process the b&w and color shots. They look great!

  6. Ich really like the black and white shot of the business man in the train and the first colour image.

    Anyhow, I would get rid of the frames altogether and if you want to put in a watermark, make it a small one in one of the edges. I would leave them out, especially on steves website, as he links to the creators online presences anyway!

    Keep up the good pictures!

  7. The B&W are superb, and the 28mm focal length is used well for them all, and that interests me because I’m just learning to use it with my X-Vario. Don’t like the colour processing in your last two, I’m afraid. Composition fine.

  8. I love what you are doing with the Ricoh! Congrats. I recently bought the mark ii version so I could have a very small lightweight camera when I don’t want to lug around something bigger.

    Were your B&W shots based on B&W settings in the Ricoh GR? Or later transformed into B&W via software?

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