Mega Deal! $8,500 OFF this Hasselblad HV DSLR & Zeiss Lens

Mega Deal! $8,500 OFF this Hasselblad HV DSLE & Zeiss Lens

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UPDATE! Supplies did not last too long after I posted this. Looks like they are now sold out but yea, this was actually a great buy!

Take a look at this! As we know, Hasselblad is clearing out the Stellar camera with gobs of cash off and have been for a while now. I even bought one a while back and wrote about it HERE. Well, now the Sony A99 version, the Hasselblad HV is being cleared out at $8500 off, yes, over EIGHT Grand off!

The normal price for this camera was $11,995.00 and while yes, it is a Sony A99 in a fancy Hasselblad shell, it does look quite nice and at the price of $3495 you now get a fantastic full frame DSLR, a great Zeiss 24-70 and the Haselblad version. In fact, the Sony A99 IS $1,998.00 on its own, body only. Add in the Zeiss lens and now this Hasselblad version comes in for LESS than the Sony Version. Not bad at all considering the HV is heralded as being “Tough as Nails”.

Now you can get the HV body and 24-70 f/2.8 Zeiss ZA Lens (This is a $2k lens) for $3,495.00.  Less than the Sony A99 and Zeiss 24-70 ZA.

B&H is blowing out the HV set while supplies last HERE 


  1. Steve, what makes you think this is semi-collectable? Perhaps in a similar way to a Blackberry being a collectable, although that’s mostly viewed as a relic.

    • Because you would be one of maybe 100 to own one in the world 😉 40 years from now a camera museum may want one for display to remember when Hassleblad screwed up 🙂 Blackberry? There are millions of those around, quite different.

  2. You can get a used A99 and 24-70z for far less, about half this kit. Sinking this much cash into an old body is crazy.

    • Sure, for some. For others where $$ does not matter, and they want something unique and semi collectable, well, this would be their choice. These sold out within minutes after this post so some wanted it! Also, Id take a new with warranty body over used without warranty any day. Buying used digital bodies can be risky, and if they break…will cost a mint to repair. Bottom line, new prices, this came in for less than the Sony for those who were buying new, this was a much better deal than the Sony.

  3. Well guys, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. That doesn’t mean you need to knock it just cause someone else does like it. It’s all personal preference. I bought it and I love it.
    But then again, I also bought the Stellar and, and the Lunar. What can I say, I love them all.
    To each his own.

  4. Thank you Steve! Just put in my order! I have been thinking about getting an A99 for a long time. This really made my day! It’s truly a beauty!

  5. I guess the problem with a camera like this is, while you may have only paid $3,500 for it, people will see it and think you were dumb enough to pay $12,000 for it!

    No thanks.

  6. From Steve’s First Look:

    “I call this new Hasselblad the “HPV 99” (there really is no 99 in the name, nor a “P”) because it is the Sony A99 with a new coat of paint and cosmetics at an almost $9000 premium, which to me sounds like a big old genital wart on the camera industry. Yep, should be called the HPV 99.”


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