DEAL OF THE YEAR: Save nearly $6000 on Hasselblad (Sony) – NOW!

DEAL OF THE YEAR: Save nearly $6000 on Hasselblad (Sony) – NOW!



Christmas gift alert!

Remember when Hasselblad took a Sony RX100 (V1) and a NEX-7 with 18-55 Kit Zoom and dressed them up with rubies, premium woods and an exotic cosmetic overhaul? They put in their own firmware (from what I understand) and released these special high-end versions of the then great Sony cameras. Problem is, someone forgot to tell Hasselblad that these models would be replaced yearly, and now we are on the RX1oo MKIV and the NEX line has been abandoned all together in favor of full frame in the A7 series.

Well forget paying $7000 for the Lunar and $2300 for the stellar. Today at B&H Photo you can get the once $7k Lunar for $1199 and the once $2300 Stellar for $649! 

Save close to $6000 on the Hasselblad Lunar. Once sold for $7000, you can now get this exclusive kit, with exotic box, and the entire Hasselblad makeover for $1199. Yep, $5800 OFF, right now…this is OK if you want a pimped out deluxe NEX-7 that NO ONE else in your hood will own 😉




My favorite though is the Stellar, of which I bought one last year in the special edition ORANGE. BUT this year we can get a new Stellar in CHAMPAIGNE/OLIVE for $649 and these sold normally for $2200. They even have the carbon fiber version and the Zebra Wood version in stock. Yep, $649 gets you the RX100 V1 in the Hasselblad shell, wood grip, exotic box and all of the fancy stuff you would expect. Compare this to the Sony RX100 which is still being sold at $398 and you are now paying $249 more for a very unique RX100 with a much tougher shell, the exitic wood grip and custom leather strap. NOT BAD for  this one as the Stellar is indeed pretty stellar. $649 is more in line with what it should cost today.

These are great cameras but they were made fun of globally at launch for the insane prices ($7000 for a NEX-7) but at these prices, they are great buys, even today. Especially the Stellar.

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  1. The big mistake with the Stellar is the fact that when you format your memory card, one of the generated folders (the one which houses the videos), has a sub folder titled, “Sony.” Whoops! Now (June 2016) when you download the instructions PDY, clearly branded, “Hasselblad Stellar,” there are a few giveaways within the instructions. One that stands out is the warning to only use a Sony replacement battery. Additionally, the PDF clearly states that the A/C adapter is included with the camera. We now know why the camera has been reduced to $600 at this writing. There is NO adapter. So, now we know it was the A/C plugin that was worth close to $2000.00! Not to change the subject, I have decided to buy my wife a rhinestone ring for her birthday and put it in a Tiffany ring box.

  2. Maybe i buy next year something that keeps value better. For an example 503CW + 60mm lens, milled out of solid block of Titanium and features self timer in camera. The film Hasselblad still beats Sony a7r2 in dynamic range / tonality

  3. No complaints about the Stellar for $650. Still, I probably wouldn’t pay that much for a camera that is superseded by 3 generations.

    But, with all respect, the Lunar is a clumsy, bulky and above all, a laughable design fail, which is now “only” triple the price of a NEX-7 in perfect condition. I still cant help to constantly shake my head about this camera.

    • Wrong… well, you are anyway. I eventually sold my SE for more than I paid, and know of others who sold for $1600. I bought the SE version in Orange, which was the most sought after and unique color SE combo, not this version which is the standard version (which is why I predicted this). The SE had extras and special color combos that were more scarce. So my prediction did come to pass because if you see an SE version of the Orange stellar, even on e-bay, they are listed for $2k or more, some a little less. So yes, my prediction did come true..again.

      Anyway, there is no use in coming here trying to bad mount me Mr. Thein. I do not even visit your site, let alone spend time there to leave negative comments, too busy with my own work and life. But when yo do come here to try to attack me, be smart about it and know your facts first, otherwise you will look silly as you did here. Thank you.

    • I used to visit your site Ming… as a photographer and writer you know the pressure of your work being scrutinized online for all to see. Shame on you, Merry Christmas Steve keep up the great work!!!

      • This is really a dumb answer. With your going further. I am sorry for the preasure. You should go to your Dr. but it comes with the territory. and Merry Christmas is so sarcastic it almost scratched my screen. So, steve, Have a wonderful life and have riches and prosper and all the other BS you can think of… RELAX and KICK:BACK, you live in AZ… Or? I hope you see how POSITIVE I AM:

  4. I have an issue with these Hasselblad versions. I bought a Stellar on Steve’s “advice” for 998.00. It’s a nice camera and I am not displeased with it. Yes, I would rather have paid 649.00. However, Sony has released a new version of firmware for RX100 I and I contacted Hasselblad, who only answered because I complained to BH Photo, in order to get instructions on firmware update and installation. Hasselblad senior technical manager told me that Hasselblad not only changed the build cosmetics but they altered some elements of the firmware in the process. There is no way to update Stellar through Sony and Hasselblad plans no updates……ever.

    Just sayin’……if you care about after sales support…..

  5. Got two of them already (Lunar). Similar deal on offer in NL since late spring 2015 (less than 1 kEuro, VAT included)… As I have a workflow around the NEX-7, the cameras were a welcome extension to the collection. If one likes the NEX-7, one can have it in a much sturdier and ergonomic envelope… the weight makes the HL more useable than the NEX-7 when using heavy old glass (f. i. Canon FDn 85 f/1,2 L, Canon S/RF 50 f/0,95… the latter is a dream combo with the HL in black or red Italian leather…).

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