HUGE SAVINGS! AWESOME Sony RX1 Deal with OVF – NEW for $1695!

HUGE SAVINGS! AWESOME Sony RX1 Deal with OVF – NEW for $1695!

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WOW! ONE OF MY FAVE CAMERAS OF ALL TIME, the original Sony RX1 is now on clearance at B&H Photo and they are giving the RX1 in addition to the Sony OPTICAL VIEWFINDER, a Lowepro Bag and a 32GB SD Card. $1695 total. This is a huge savings of over 50% off, and its new and with warranty.

The original RX1 to this day offers lovely IQ as the original sensor is still quite amazin g today IMO. I love my RX1RII but the old original still rocks, just a but slower, lol. See my original review here of my 2012 Camera of the Year, the RX1. 

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  1. I defy anyone to buy and A7 of any variation and then not also rapidly acquire a decent collection of fabulous and esoteric lenses to go with it. There is so much creativity and joy to be found in exploring the lenses you can use on the A7 chassis, ranging from the characterful adapted manual focus lenses, to heart stopping sharp and beautiful A-Mount lenses (they really are the best kept secret; you hunt around and you can pick up a barely used 85mm Zeiss 1.4 for the same money as a 1.8 Batis)

  2. Yeah, offer expired. Back to $1895.

    The used ones are pretty affordable though – $1200-1300. I’ll have to keep an eye on the RX1 if I decide to ever go FF. Because every time I toss around the idea of getting an a7 series I back off because I’d probably only use a 35 mm prime.

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