Friday Film: Leica M6 Classic

Friday Film: Leica M6 Classic

Hi Steve and Brandon,

I hope this email finds you both well. Recently we had a chance to escape the Canadian cold and take a (short!) family winter getaway. I brought only the Leica M6 classic, the Voigtlander Nokton 40mm f/1.4 SC, a 3-stop ND filter, and a pile of Portra.

It is always exciting to get home, process the film, and relive the experience. (Though there is always that tiny bit of concern that the rangefinder was bumped out of alignment, and you actually have nothing to show for it!)

Fortune smiled upon us this time.










These are all self-developed, and scanned using the Pakon F135+. Included below are some samples. More images may be found on my site at

Thanks for considering.

Warmest regards to you and your readers,



  1. just lovelely pieces of personal artwork. sense and felling is there !! well done you need so little for great photographs:-)) a film , a prime lense , a leica or an old analog camera and go for it!

  2. Very beautiful images! They look like snapshots but they look so alive, not like digital!
    Please, keep on shooting film and share your images to all of us.

  3. Hi ! I absolutely love the color you get from the portra and pakon. I also shoot portra from time to time and digitize my negatives using a fuji X-E2 with a macro lens but I’m always struggling to get colors right. You just gave me faith to try again :-p.

  4. Can’t believe you didn’t stay in Edmonton for the whole winter!

    Wonderful documentary of your family Mark.

  5. Hi Mark,
    your pictures are truly outstanding and an inspiration for every film shooter to keep loving. Myself i use Leica mp/35 fle mostly with Portra 160/400 and Ektar.

    I really like the colors. Is this portra 160 or 400 or Ektar? Do you adjust colors with lightroom? I would be very curious of your presets.
    Your Website is well worth visiting. And the portraits of your family are just gorgeous.

    Thanks Mike from Switzerland

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your very kind and flattering words!

      This is mostly Portra 400, with one or two Portra 160 shots thrown in (sorry, can’t remember which…)

      Aside from a slight crop here and there (to straighten a horizon mostly…) these are essentially unadjusted–they are straight off the Pakon F135+. (I did add a bit of vignette to the first one, however, as I like the effect…)

      Warmest regards,

  6. Beautiful pictures…beautiful family…
    it was almost like being there…
    thanks for sharing…
    your black and white are lovely too!

    • Thanks very much Carmen (I love your name…I wanted to name our daughter Carmen!)

      In any case, you’ve got a great website as well.

      All the best,

  7. The SC version doesn’t get enough love. It’s rendering of color film is simply outstanding. Great set of photos. Can really sense the latest love and relaxation in them.

  8. Lovely work Mark!

    The Portra colours just do it for me. And I’m using that same lens on my M7! Tiny, great look, fast when you need it (important for film shooters!) and just the right focal length for a one lens kit.

    Best regards

      • Peter, I did…and they’re truly magical, capturing the very essence of the sense of family and familial togetherness. Some people have the ability to turn potentially hum-drum family photos into works of art that all men will surely empathize with. They also brought a big grin on my face, evoking memories of my own vacations with my little family, all those vanished years ago (but captured forever with my Nikon FE, a trio of Nikkors – and Kodacolor). Hopefully, Mark will keep up the great work.

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