Venice with the Leica M 246 by Dan Bar

Venice with the Leica M 246

by Dan Bar


It has been a long time. Just got back from Venice. I took my 240 and my MM 246 with my 35 LUX and my 50 Apo cron. I shot some photos with the 240 but then decided i love B\W more and shot the MM 246 + 50 Apo only. No filters
It was the carnaval time in Venice , no doubt a beautiful event with tones of visitors,  I knew I dont want to go and shoot the masks and the routine shots , I hope I succeeded in shooting different photos than usual.


















Take care



  1. Nice pictures. Was there few months ago, haven’t seen so many tunnels. Didn’t know that ‘crons’ vignettes SO much. Bet the Barnak or the designer of this bottle would turn in his grave. Nice pix, otherwise.

  2. the irony of the optical perfection of the 50 apo cron and the jupiter-8 aesthetic is something i greatly enjoy! keep sharing your travels and leica M output, I like all of your posts.

  3. Great pictures, and i do like the editing, but found the vignetting very distracting, as in to much of it. Was it a matter of tastes? The editing in general i feel really suits the images, but i will turn down the vignetting, seems very exagerated.

  4. Dan
    As always excellent images that bring a different world and look beautiful that you as a photographer saw through them.

  5. Hi Danny, great photos. I have a 246 and I’m looking for some advice on settings. I’ve read a lot of people underexpose the as the 246 can burn out nightlights. I haven’t had this problem yet but am interested to know if you prefer to underexpose and then brighten in post. Also what iso settings do you prefer (manual or auto and if auto iso what do you set as the maximum iso and max exposure time). Interested as none of the reviews online go in to iso settings. Would appreciate any help you can offer

  6. These would be better if it wasn’t for the added vignette. It works on only a few of them. Pics 2, 3 , 5, esp 10, 15 and 16 really don’t need it. Or at least tone it down a little/lot…

  7. I enjoyed these shots immensely. Feels like I’m at the masquerade… Mingling.

    What post processing did you do, if any?

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Love that you dare keep a lot of black/dark dynamic in your images. The Apo-summicron 50 is greatly justified the way you shoot it.

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