A Mirrorless Revolution – Fantastic Video from Parker J Pfister – Sony A7RII


Mirrorless Revolution – Fantastic Video from Parker J Pfister  – Sony A7RII

Came across this video today created by photographer Parker J Pfister where he talks about the Sony A7RII and shows what he does with it in so many creative ways. INSPIRING. Amazing work, fantastic video and spot on. Enjoy! Be sure to check out his website HERE. Parker is putting that A7RII to great use.

Parker J Pfister walks through his transformation into a mirrorless studio. With the new Sony A7Rii in his hand he has his perfect translator. (please be advised!!! This video is pretty low tech and un-polished. The Audio is a touch off towards the end. It was a one take shot and I’m going with it.I know this. Just trying to get my point of view out there as I am re-charged as a photographer by a new way to create and I just want to pass it on.) Have an awesome day and keep on clickin’ .PJ

Parker J Pfister’s Mirrorless Revolution. from Parker J Photography on Vimeo.


  1. The photography is outstanding – not just the images, but the concepts, the creative use of shadows and how you get the most out of the camera. I was particularly struck with your use of a mobile phone as a light source. Inspired.

    I was a bit surprised that you, a professional photographer, used jpegs – they are certainly more convenient but I have only just moved to shooting RAW after all the propaganda about how much better RAW images are. I will start to use more of the creative controls in my Sony NEX, in future. It just goes to show that there is so much quality in all modern cameras. We just need to work on squeezing more out of them.

  2. I enjoyed your video and you show many beautiful images.
    I have to mention that I still find that the first large format images have a special look.

  3. Beautiful images. Do you do your own location scouting and/or set creation? Some of the locations/sets for the portraits (and wedding portraits) are amazing. Also, the background in the headshot at 10:20 looks like a water surface, but the model is clearly upright. How on earth did you do that in-camera?

  4. Great stuff looked at your website fantastic story telling and I love your landscapes thanks for sharing
    The advantage of a small camera large sensor good glass win win

  5. Awesome photos. The framing of your pictures is superb. That’s one thing I really gotta work on. Excellent work, great video. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great video, very inspiring. Beautiful pictures. No doubt, he knows his stuff. On the other hand, I find it somehow difficult to accept that someone who admires reality so much and has so much experience with various cameras and lightning prefers to see the world through a B&W viewfinder in order to know what to expect. Feels a little bit like a shortcut.

    • Hey Robert, Thank you for your kind words! Everyone has there own way to see the world and their own interpretations are rendered. I respect your comment and at one time would probably have agreed with you. It has just changed the way I see for better or worse. I still know what my green spectrum paper negs in caffenol on my 8×10 are going to do with those freckles….

  7. Parker
    I sat there looking at your fantastic images with open mouth. Your arguments for mirrorless are exactly mine since I got the first Sony NEX7 a few years ago. I sold my Nikon D3 and Nikkor lenses soon after that.
    Your images where motivating me so much, that I wanted to stop the video, grab my camera and shoot, so motivating!
    Thanks for these great images.

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