A look at the 4V Design Lusso Slim Camera Strap

A look at the 4V Design Lusso Slim Camera Strap

A few days ago I received a package from 4V design with a couple of straps inside the box. I had no idea what to expect but can state that I get shipped TONS of straps as it seems everyone in the photo world want their straps reviewed. I end up reviewing probably 25% of them as most are just copies of other straps. Sometimes a strap comes along that is beautiful in looks, comfortable when worn and made of high quality leather with important things like ADJUSTABILITY.

The straps from 4V that were in the box were their LUSSO SLIM strap as well as a Wrist Strap. BOTH have super soft high quality leather, unique color and can be adjusted very easily. If you go  to the 4V website (here) you will see that they are made in Italy, and that they seem to take their strap design and quality very seriously.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 5.08.27 PM

When I unboxed the straps I did a quick video look on them which you can watch below if you so desire:

The strap is very comfy, since it has a memory foam padding with a very grippy surface where it hits your shoulder, so even heavy cameras will be soft and cozy on your shoulder and back. The leather quality is among the best I have seen in a strap, up there with exotic $300 straps. The details are fantastic and the black and cyan color combo is stunning. It just pops.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 5.07.38 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 5.08.05 PM

Over the years I have used/tested and checked out hundreds of straps. I have a drawer full of them and change them out from time to time. With the Lusso slim, I may have found the strap that will stay on my beloved Sony A7RII for quite some time as its comfort is up there with the best and I love everything about it. Not much one can say in a strap review, but if you want to read more about these straps or the other straps in the 4V line, check out their website HERE.  Highly recommended.

If you want to order one, you can do so at B&H Photo HERE. They have all colors in stock!



  1. Good review. Just received a 4V Design wrist strap. Too soon to give a complete assessment, but it does seem like a high quality strap. Also good customer service, at least from my experience. I placed my order directly on their site, and there was a glitch with the order confirmation. I reached out to 4V about the problem – they were responsive and fixed the issue in less than 15 minutes. They also shipped my strap next day DHL for no charge.

  2. very nice and good looking strap Steve. Do you know if they sell the pad only? or if you can get any decent pad that can go with the strap? I have a very nice braided silk strap, great looking for my leica, but, boy, it is very thin and it almost cut into my skin! Any suggestions? ( ditching it is no opption since I spent $$$ for it) Thanks,

  3. Just bought one (clicking from Steve’s site!!!!) and: it looks great, is designed exceptionally ergonomically & comfortably, smells like leather and is …rather expensive.
    But hey, the Leica deserves it!

  4. I found that a few 12mm stainless “o” rings (Amazon) and a trip to your local shoe repair shop is the best way. You choose leather/stitch/length etc. at a FRACTION of what most “quality” straps cots.

  5. I suppose these look ‘nice’, no more functional than those supplied with the camera you own … what I’d like to see though, is a review of the various types of QD connectors used on straps and how effective, compact/unobtrusive they are. The type of QD connector used on the old 500CM Blad’s, is probably the best I’ve ever encountered, but this design (as far as I am aware) has never been made available on other cameras. I’ve devised my own QD connector, based on the push-pin connectors used to hold down cargo in aircraft, so I know it’s definitely NOT going to accidentally come undone!

      • Tried them, great design. But for me, seemed very much like I was wearing a seat belt (the one I tested). As I said, there are many many great straps out there which means we should go with personal pref. I have a drawer FULL of them but use the ones I like best. All do the job 😉

        • You should consider selling the straps off for charity or something Steve? A waste that they are sitting in a draw….these straps aren’t cheap and could be put to some use.

          We all need a clean out every once in a while…

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