QUICK SHOT: Midnight Flash (Yongnuo 560 IV and YN560-TX)

QUICK SHOT: Midnight Flash (Yongnuo 560 IV and YN560-TX)

By Jannik Pietsch


This photo was taken with my Lumix G7 with the standard 14-42mm lens and the (relatively) new Yongnuo flash set up which I have been enjoying a lot lately. I know a lot of people shy away from flashes but these are really worth a try and so easy to use!
I have two Yongnuo 560IV flashes which can be controlled and triggered by the YN560-TX module. I believe Yongnuo are the first to offer this, although do correct me if I am wrong. The module pops onto any camera’s hotshoe and from there, with the help of the screen, I can change the intensity and zoom of each individual flash and, as mentioned, trigger the flashes wirelessly. The range is claimed to be 100m. The great thing as well is that the flashes only need to be synced with the module once and never disconnect, which is really handy because syncing them is a bit of pain with a weird combination of button pressing. Both the module and the flashes use AA batteries. All in all, it just seems like a really simple and thought through product. It feels very complete.


Combine these flashes with some cheap umbrellas or soft boxes and the photos suddenly have such a professional look to them. Although the photo below was just taken with a one flash without a soft box.


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  1. Hi, thanks for your topic. For your information, I use a YN622C-TX (Canon) mounted on hot shoe and a YN568EXII on a Lumix GX7 without problem. All works in manual too, but TTL is available (In fact GX7 has TTL set as default in menu and I can’t change to manual!) I use a synch speed of 1/160 in manual mode, but flash works ok in all modes (S,A,P…)

  2. I have had four 560 iv flags guns, and I still have one 560 tx “commander”. Just after the end of the warranty period, the two flashguns showed a well known fault: flash power could not be reduced, neither directly on the flash nor vial the commander. The guns always fired @ 100%.

    The idea behind the combo is great so I ordered two new flash guns. Aware of the high failure rate I checked the two new ones as soon as I got them. Flash power reduction worked as it should but it was not possible to operate the zoom function. So back they went.

    If you have this flash gun, check that it works before the warranty period ends.

    If you plan to buy this flash read the user comments on the a-zon (or other) site. There would be more unfavourable reports, had it not been for the fact that it takes some time for the faults to develop. I could only report one of my problems on a-zon as they only accept one report even if you buy multiple articles.

    • I have no experience with it but being a manual controller, YN560-TX works with any camera with a standard’s flash hot shoe, even if shops to refer to the devices as either “for Canon” or “for Nikon”.

      It would be a different story if we talk about TTL controllers like the YN622-TX, where we’ve to look for brand compatibility and they offer YN622C-TX for Canon and YN622N-TX for Nikon.

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