HOW TO: Submit your User Reports, Daily Inspire, Quick Shot or Photo Essay! It’s easy!

Submit your User Reports, Daily Inspire, Quick Shot or Photo Essay! It’s easy!

Hey to all! Just a note to say happy Wednesday and tell you guys how YOU can be featured here on this website, which is going eight years strong now. Many have asked me over the months how to submit a user report or review, or how to send in images for a daily inspiration or quick shot, etc. There are tabs at the top of each page, the menu, that links to pages telling how to do this, but many miss these tabs 😉 Especially on the mobile here you go!

As it has been since inception here, this website/blog has always been about ALL OF US as a community, not just me! So this site is YOUR site as well! I love it when readers share their experiences with gear or even a personal journey story. I post daily inspiration photos submitted by all of you every 2-3 days (so they are not really “daily”) and we are almost to Daily Inspiration #1000! SO THANK ALL OF YOU for your awesome submissions over the years!

If you would like to submit an essay, user report or general post, it is easy! 

  • Email me HERE with your idea or what you would like to write about!
  • I will write you back within 24 hours instructing you how to send in your text and images
  • Send them in with a link to your portfolio page, social media pages or webs site (so many others see more of your work)
  • I post it and bam, you just contributed to STEVEHUFFPHOTO!

It’s easy, fun, gets you exposure and also gets to show the world your passion for this thing we call photography. If I do not reply to your email within 24 hours, it could be that it went to my spam folder. If so, try emailing me HERE as well.

If you want to submit a daily inspire or QUICK SHOT, just send in 1-3 photos with your description of the shots you are sharing and what they mean to you. Send the three images, no larger than 2000 pixels wide and no smaller than 680 wide to me HERE with your text! It’s that easy. Add a website link, social link, etc!

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  1. Is this where I should e.mail to submit for a quick shot exposure? If so is the text revised? 3 or 4 fotos only taken with Oly E.m1 about how much I like black and white fotos and shooting with micro 4/3’s.

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