HOLDFAST GEAR releases new SIGHTSEER Backpack!

HOLDFAST GEAR releases new SIGHTSEER Backpack!

One of my fave bag makers (I have a few) HOLDFASTGEAR.COM has announced their new Sightseer Backpack, which keeps up with their all made in the USA line of bags. This one looks pretty nice, and while I have not seen it in person (I’m not a backpack guy for some reason, but should be) it looks great in images, and I know HOLDFASTGEAR quality, and its up there with the best. Handcrafted. Only thing is, if you want this handcrafted in the USA quality and design it will cost you. The SIGHTSEER Backpack comes in at $785.


Gulp. But as I always say, “You get what you pay for” (Most of the time, lol)

If this one interest you, thenΒ You can see more on the sightseer backpack at their site here, and BTW, HOLDFAST has been a site sponsor now for almost two years, so they support this site and help to keep it alive year after year, so THANK YOU HOLDFAST!

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  1. This is not to belittle Holdfast or Steve’s choices in reviewed/mentioned products; but if anyone is looking for a less wallet heavy choice with similar functionality take a look at LOWEPRO’s Protactic series. Certainly not as beautiful, holdfast makes heirloom quality stuff to my eyes, but it can do most of what these Holdfast bags can do (MINUS THE SLIDER). Rugged and reliable and much easier on the family budget. Again no disrespect meant to Steve, just presenting some alternatives. Use Steve’s Amazon link to buy the Lowepro if you like it! πŸ˜‰

    • Fully agree with your comment, can’t point out anything wrong in it.
      I used LowePro for ages and they are decent bags.

      However, I do like some less commercail products, “boutique” products you may call them like HoldFast and Wotancraft.
      Indeed they do the same for a higher price but what do they deliver over a LowePro? Crafmanship, joy of use, beauty and even more beauty the more they get worn and stuff like that usually lasts a lifetime.

      One more plus for HoldFast: their MoneyMaker. There are other companies trying to make something similar but it’s crap compared to the moneymaker and far from as safe connectionwise.

      For the bags I actually prefer Wotan to Holdfast but that’s a personal decision.

      I like car comparisons:)
      With a Porche you can drive like a fruitcake and it’ll never break down on you unless you drive it into a ditch or up a tree. These things, even the street legal version are manufactured just like a competition car. A BMW 6 cylinder’s engine will last longer than the rest of the car can, 500000km is no exception. You won’t do that with an Alfa Romeo for example.
      I’m talking about the mechanical parts here, modern days electronic parts aren’t made to last and have their own problems.

  2. Love the site, reviews, etc..but when you discuss a bag…I already know without looking that it’s for the rich folks….even my EDC or hiking gear would never charge such a price. wow…

    • I am contamplating building a second house just to have a place to put my wife’s handbags. I think I’m allowed to a few camera bags as well. πŸ˜‰

      And no, these aren’t just for the rich folks and neither is Leica for example.
      I have a friend driving a second hand old Russian Lada with a Leica that is worth more than all my photography gear together.
      It can be for the rich folks but also for the admirer wanting to spend a few bucks more on his hobby.

  3. I’m absolutely in love with my HF Maven and MoneyMaker straps in mahogany bison.
    I’m a Wotan bag user but this backpack looks like the works too!

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