The Orca OR-11 Travel Roller Camera Bag Review (Video). Carry On Friendly!


The Orca OR-11 Travel Roller Camera Bag. Carry On Friendly.

By Steve Huff – See more on this bag at B&H Photo HERE.


Hey hey hey! Happy Hump Day! It’s Wednesday and what better day (or evening I should say) to write about this new Orca OR11 I have been using for the past 2-3 weeks. This is a very well made, very functional and very nice looking travel roller bag and it can carry quite a large amount of gear, and keep it safe.

There’s room for DSLR’s, lenses, laptops, phones, chargers, cables, batteries, ipad, paperwork, notepad, pens, pencils, headphones and more. This is a great quality bag, and I used to own a Think Tank Photo roller bag that I loved. When I stopped working professionally as a photographer I sold the bag but I like this one even more than the old Think Tank Airstream. 

Take a look at my video review of this bag below and check it out at B&H Photo if you want to read or see more about it. The cost is $356 but if you have been looking for a great quality roller bag for your gear ad travels, you WILL want to take a serious look at the Orca OR11!! 



  1. If people are thinking of buying a “carry on” photographic bag, please triple check sizes with your airlines first. I’ve been to India twice in the past 12 months, flew with different airlines (British Airways and Emirates) who had different size restrictions as well as different weight restrictions. This Orca OR-11 would be way too big for either airline and they would force you to check it in the hold.
    Just because it’s called “carry on” doesn’t mean anything to the airline, do your homework before travelling.

    • This bag would actually be ok on British Airways (it is almost exactly the max dimensions allowed so would be an excellent choice with them. However most other international airlines have smaller size limits and low weights which would rule this bag out. The gulf airlines like Emirates and Etihad plus the the Asian operators like Singapore, Cathay, Malaysian etc have very small size restrictions and a 10kg limit which is often enforced by weighing every cabin bag! It is becoming increasingly difficult to travel to some destinations if you have a lot of gear and are unwilling to check it. I shoot both landscape and wildlife so my bag usually weighs close to 20kg (more than my actual checked luggage!) so if grovelling with anyone other than BA have to pretend bag is light as feather and if challenged ask, beg, plead to be allowed bag in cabin. It has always worked so far

      • I was told it was a bag for airline travel, but always check with whatever airline you are flying on to make sure they will accept as a carry on. Easy to do online.

  2. Ok, nice for those, who travel with all their gear! But can you use it as a seat like the Dependler from Fjaellraeven ?? Is there a solid frame ?

  3. I want one! I have a circa 2004 Tamrac roller, but it is not optimum for carrying a computer along with my camera kit. A single rolling computer-camera solution (especially for a larger laptop) captures my imagination. Thanks, Steve!

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