Film Friday on a Saturday. Maremma, Tuscany, Italy by Massimiliano Farinetti

Film Friday on a Saturday. Maremma, Tuscany, Italy

by Massimiliano Farinetti

Dear Brandon and Steve, long time I don’t submit anything for your website I daily follow…

This year I spent my summer holidays in . Maremma, Tuscany, Italy
What a beautiful piece of land (and sea)!  Nice people, nice places, nice food and nice wines.

I’ve decided to go there with a Fujifilm GA645Pro loaded with Provia 100F only and I really enjoyed my choice: one fixed 60/4 lens on 6×4,5 format has given me less trouble in changing lenses and more focus on the scenes. That slide film colors are really superb…

My “walking” was around Monte Argentario (photo 1-2-7) and the two islands close to it, Giglio (5) and Giannutri (4), and the well-known villages of Castiglione della Pescaia (3), Capalbio (6) and Pitigliano (the village built on top of a tuff’s hill, photo 8)









Hope this small tribute could let some people be more interested about those really nice places

Thanks for the space you will allow me

Massimiliano Farinetti


  1. Great shots and wonderful atmospheric colours with the film material.
    Film rocks. I shoot mostly black and white on Agfa – rollei- foma- ilford material with Leica M5&6 + 50 or 35mm lens, medium format on Mamiya rb and the Mamiya c33 with portra 160.
    they have much more potential and atmosphere than digital Fotos in my eyes.
    I still use my digital camera- only one Fuji xpro left- for the internet or as light meters…
    And on other days I let the Canon F1new or EF with 35mm and 50mm do some work…with Kodak or Fuji 200ASA films. Always enjoy it much more than digital. Sold nearly all my Nikon digital FF equipment.

    Again nice photos and always good light,

  2. very nice pics ! but … could you not erase those little black dots all over the sky of this last picture ?

    🙂 in 5 sec in lightroom

    • I love that camera…it seems made on purpose of shooting Provia…it didn’t fail a shot
      Thanks for the message

    • replying both you and Michael: scan has been done with a V600 using Epson software…fast and easy…resizing with LR

      Yes, there are some dust spots…even I dry film in a cabinet it is difficult to have them 100 % dust-free…

  3. Really nice colours and no dust on slide film. The question with film is always to me. How did you manage to scan it?
    Kind regards

  4. Great set of photographs. Like to do same! Simple good camera and film. One doesn’t have a roller bag and umpteen stupid decisions.. Great framing.

  5. Beautiful images film was an inspired choice here.
    Love medium format. However for some reason I seem to always shoot black and white when I shoot with my Bronica ETR.
    Will try some slide film next time.
    Thanks for posting.

    • medium format slides are stunning…with a Rollei P11 😉
      I do slides only at summer…I shoot negative (Acros bw or portra colour) most of the time anyway
      thank you for comments

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