QUICK SHOT: Leica 50 Summicron Rigid by Abrazos ~ Jesus

QUICK SHOT: Leica 50 Summicron Rigid

by Abrazos ~ Jesus

Hello again Steve ,
I have owned or still on most modern-day leica lenses, not bragging  I’m just a blue-collar working stiff.

I was just fortunate , to have bought these lenses when the economy was really bad, and before the M8.

Out of all the Leica lenses I’ve owned The Summicron Rigid 50mm is now  My favorite, Go figure right ? The older I get the more I appreciate the organic feel and character of film and old lenses,

Rigid , Agfa Optima Expired 10 years ago, and my trusty M7



  1. I also use a rigid and enjoy the renderings. I would agree that this photo of the young lady is nice and the background is a little distracting. Once you see the separation of the female and the bokeh it is fine.

  2. Great shot.

    Expired film or not, I haven’t noticed a major difference or degradation in using well long expired film.. I’ve had stuff from probably back in late 80’s and early 90’s that came with a camera my aunt gave me and the film turned out just fine… ok, maybe the last 100 ISO film I had a different look to it which one may describe as old or vintage, but that’s pretty cool, actually.

    Anyways, I like this type of background where it’s a little busy and has some sense of movement.. I also like silky smooth bokeh, as well, they are just 2 different ways to render the background out of focus.. with a silky smooth bokeh background, it’s pretty easy to separate the subject that is in sharp(er) focus, but I feel a busy background with some movement can also separate almost as well.. it’s like the background and subject are in 2 different planes of existence.. anyways, I think the photo looks good.

    i take it you don’t have many neighbors or street traffic?.. or perhaps you made the photo in an incredibly liberal neighborhood.

    Not sure, but maybe if the center of image where the opening down the street/road has a circular-ish bright spot could have been where the hands are or the face/head?

  3. Quick shot? It looks quite staged to me…

    Like the tension between the strange body-posture and the arching trees, but the out-of-focus background its way to busy for me.

  4. Magical look to it! The Optima film does splendid with the skin, the tone and texture – beautiful

    • Take a great photo of an attractive women using skill and talent and it’s bizarre?! The only thing bizarre about this is your comment. Nudity is not wrong America!

      • Where’s the greatness in this photo? I don’t really see skill and talent, nor any particular meaning. Nudity is not wrong, but neither is it enough to make a good picture. Nudity for nudity’s sake is silly and not daring at all.

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