Press Release: The Leica Q Titanium Is Here…


PRESS RELEASE: The New Leica Q Titanium Gray Offers a Perfect Synthesis of Camera Technology, Design and Features

October 19, 2016 – With the Leica Q Titanium Gray finish, Leica Camera offers an alternative design option for its high-performance, full-frame compact camera with a fixed, fast prime lens. In contrast to the discreet black paint finish of the standard Leica Q, the new color option stands out with the titanium-gray lacquer finish on the camera’s top, back and baseplate. The look of precious metal and contrasting black elements, such as the leather covering and lens, lend the camera its uniquely refined and premium style.

In comparison with its counterpart in black, the Leica Q Titanium Gray has other unique characteristic features not found in the standard model. Such features include the feet scale and the focal length number engravings on the lens detailed in red, and the included carrying strap made from a strong material typically used in climbing ropes.


The Leica Q Titanium Gray will be available mid-November 2016.

The technical specifications of the Leica Q Titanium Gray are identical to those of the black model, which continue to stand out with a quick and intuitive operating concept and an especially fast lens. The Summilux 28 mm f/1.7 ASPH. lens of the Leica Q makes it ideal for available light situations and has an angle of view that reproduces scenes with natural perspectives and proportions, making it the perfect camera for street, landscape photography and day-to-day life. In combination with a 24 megapixel, full-frame CMOS sensor precisely matched to its lens, the camera delivers richly detailed images with low noise in optimum quality at ISO sensitivities of up to 50,000. The Leica Q offers a great level of creative freedom for realizing even the most demanding photographic ambitions, thanks to the practical option of switching between macro, automatic and manual focusing.

To ensure that the decisive moment is never missed, the Leica Q full-frame compact camera has the fastest autofocus in its class, and offers precision focusing near-instantaneously. The image processor from the Leica Maestro II family processes the data from the sensor at an incredible speed; enabling continuous shooting up to ten frames per second at full resolution. To ensure the user’s reliable control of subject composition at this speed, the Leica Q also features an integrated viewfinder with a resolution of 3.68 megapixels. Even the finest details of every exposure are displayed cleanly and quickly, without any noticeable lag, as soon as the camera is brought up to the user’s eye.

All functions of the Leica Q are clearly laid out and logically located to guarantee perfect ergonomics and ease-of-use. Its clear and logical menu system provides rapid access to all essential functions, and enables users to program personalized settings.

The Leica Q also delivers video recordings in full-HD quality. Depending on the scene and subject, users can choose between 30 and 60 frames per second for video recording in MP4 format. The camera also features an integrated Wi-Fi module for wireless transmission of pictures and video to smart devices and remote control via Wi-Fi from a smartphone or tablet. The Leica Q app can be downloaded free from the App Store on iOS and Google Play Store on Android to utilize these features. In addition to a wireless triggering function and remote display of the viewfinder image, the app also allows the setting of photographic controls such as aperture and shutter speed remotely from the connected device.

Leica Dealers: Ken Hansen (,, B&H Photo


  1. Whether it’s a computer, a camera, or a musical instrument, part of the pleasure of the thing is how it looks and feels. Also I think it’s important for a relatively small company like Leica to broaden their appeal. If updates like this help them get a few more customers then it’s a good thing.

  2. Leica is a small camera company in the land of the Mega corporations.
    To survive and pay for R&D they need to raise funds like this.
    They don’t engage in sweat shop economics -which could make their products cheaper.
    Some might think this is OK – me not really ! I prefer the first option.

    • Good point. Nobody is forcing me to buy this, and there are plenty of people willing to buy it. Isn’t that how the free market works?

      If I become mega rich, I’ll buy everything that Leica makes, just because I can. I wouldn’t use even 10% of it but sometimes retail therapy can be quite satisfying. 😉

      Having said all that, I think Leica really ought to focus on kicking heads, and release new T and M bodies.

    • Only to be expected. Followed successively by the ‘Leica Q Jade’, the ‘Leica Q Platinum’, the ‘Leica Q Safari’, the ‘Leica Q Onyx’, the ‘Leica Q Lenny Kravitz’, the ‘Leica Q Beyoncé’…etc. Oskar Barnack, let me tell you, would be deeply embarrassed. Can Leica please stop this fixation with pimping and get back to their core skills, and concentrate on crafting 21st Century functionality into the ‘New Leica M10 Brass’ ? (FFS)

      • Yes, most special or limited special editions are an embarrasement and a rip-off, but they make all buyers happy (1. enjoy the titanium, 2. feel like a succesful collector, 3. save €260 with the regular version), help Leica to satisfy gready investores and banks.

        Of course, the real collectors’ items are factory or NASA prototypes, previous celebrity owners (only AAA+ rated, i.e. DDD, HCB, The Queen) or any unplanned limitation of production numbers including glorious commercial failures.

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