EPIC Video Review! TIE HER UP Camera Straps, the Entire Line!

EPIC Video Review! TIE HER UP Camera Straps, the Entire Line!

By Steve Huff 

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Hey hey hey! It’s December 16th 2016 and Christmas is upon us! What better way to start the last 9 days before Christmas than to post a full review of the entire line of TIE HER UP STRAPS! From the Rock N Roll to the Classic to the Snake and beyond!

These straps are some of the best I have used over the eight years of reviewing gear. I instantly fell in love with the ROCK AND ROLL strap and everything from the quality construction, materials, beauty and price is just about perfect. But the review is in the video below 😉

See the video below as I go over each model in the line 😉

Every single strap here is of high quality and they are the best straps I have reviewed to date. Comfort and style are fantastic, as is the quality of construction!

Some photos below:



  1. I bought the Rock n’ Roll and Snake in black. Very nice, better than Artisan and a lot of other leather ones I have tried. If you are 6′ with a large build I would recommend a custom length Rock n’ Roll in a 140-145cm length as the 125cm was too short for me. Takes some measurements and they will custom make you a Rock n’ Roll to your size. I just ordered another Rock n’ Roll – Black is Black version for my Olympus E-M1 Mk I in 145cm length. They are very comfortable and a lot better built than most. Dealing with Evris the owner was great and shipping to Canada was no problem. Highly recommended!

  2. Hi Steve,
    nice review of these great straps but one question: why didn’t you introduce the “Rivera” straps as well? They look a bit more fancy than the “classic” and fit perfectly on the PenF!

  3. I have had the Rock n’ Roll on my SL for over a year. It’s perfect, and it has stood up to the test of regular use and time. The leather has softened in a good way, and all is well. Evris and TieHerUp Straps are incredible. I would HIGHLY recommend these straps for anyone who wants the real deal for their cameras.

  4. I came across Tie Her Up in another blog and bought one of the thinner straps for my M240. When it arrived and I saw the canvas bag and then the strap – the feel and the smell of the leather – wow.
    I went on a workshop in London with the amazing ThorstenVon Overgaard and Evris the man behind Tie Her Up was there too. He is such a character and such a nice guy. I had a closer look at the Rock and Roll straps and have ordered 3 one for each on my Leica bodies.
    I love looking at straps and bags and these must be the best I have seen, felt or smelled.
    Interestingly talking to other English speaking people including my daughter they can be a bit off with the name – in Latin languages items have gender and cameras are female.
    Great review Steve – keep up the great work


    • When the bags are stamped camera ‘Bondage’, I think it’s pretty obvious that the double entendre was intentional. Sad because I think it actually takes away from a seriously nice product. A case of being overly cute methinks.

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