The Fuji X100F! A 1st Look Video..Review soon

The Fuji X100F! A 1st Look Video..Review soon

I’m heading out the door now to shoot the Fuji X100f some more but before I go I wanted to post my 1st look video here. So it is in the hand, and in use. So far I am enjoying the return to the X100. If you read THIS ARTICLE from last week, you will see that I have always had a great love for the X100 series, especially the very 1st generation. While that 1st version was slow, quirky and clunky, I still loved the experience (for the time) and the output. Now the X100f has went from 12 megapixel to 24, and this new sensor is the X Trans III from the X-Pro 2 and the X-T1.

The good news is that this is the best X Trans sensor to date. I see no more flaws with output but then again, I have not been able to process any RAW files just yet. Even so, I see no more of what I did not like in that 1st gen X Trans.The camera is also speedy, at least in center single shot focus mode. It is lovely at higher ISO and the big winner for me here is the new ACROS simulation that simulates ACROS Neopan film, which is a gorgeous B&W film! While not exact of course (no digital can exactly match film) the B&W tones here are fantastic.

Two in ACROS mode..X100f, f/2

I even added a grey Snake strap from Tie Her Up straps (see it here). 

In my personal shooting I may just use this in Acros mode 90% of the time! Just as Fuji is known for their unique color signature, they are also going to be known for this great B&W simulation.

In any case, here is my 1st look video. Excuse the quality as I was testing the new Mevo camera and did not realize the quality would be so low, it was literally my 1st test.

I will have a full review up of the new X100f as soon as I am ready and satisfied with how I feel about the camera. I like the new battery, the new joystick and a few other things. So far, so good!

More to come..


  1. Steve, hi!
    Please help me to choose what to buy between sony a7 kit first generation or the newest fuji x-t20 kit with xf 18-55?
    Does a7 mk1 is too old nowadays or not, and in this comparrison ff will totally bit fuji?

  2. Hello Steve,
    I always love your “Crazy Comparisons”
    Would it be possible to put the Fuji X100F and Leica Q side by side and shoot some images?
    Maybe this is not such a crazy comparison, but highly interesting to add some value to some discussions that are going on on the social media.
    Thanks, and as always, love your work.

    • Q would wipe the floor with the X100F for all out IQ but the Q is $3k more, larger and a 28mm lens with a wider FOV. To choose between the two you would have to say “I am spending $3000 more, I am getting a wonder angle and a larger camera”.

  3. In your intro you stated that the sensor went from 12MP to 24MP, it’s from 16MP to 24MP and the new X Trans III sensor is in the X-T2 not the X-T1.

    • I said the FIRST X100 was 12MP, and it was. The new X Trans III is also in this new X100F, so it is in all three. So I am correct.

  4. Hi, Steve,

    Nice review. Could you shortly comment what are the settings you would use for highlights, shadows, noise reduction and exposure compensation while shooting in Acros simulation mode. 🙂

  5. Really looking forward to this and thoughts upon comparisons with Q and RX. Guessing you don’t still have a monchrom but maybe an old relative file to compare with. I know so many photographers who just want a black & white camera, bloody money. Of which, M10 monochrom?

  6. This is the camera all the street shooters I know love. Me I like it as well but not for its black and white performance which is good though not great IMHO.
    I think the best black and white camera that I have seen up close is the Leica M8/M9 then the Monochrom and after that any of the recent Olympus 4/3 cameras.
    These are just subjective nit picking comments of course -bottom line its a great camera !

  7. The main reason I have not puchased one of the Fuji X trans cameras is the horrible wax skin and unnatural colour rendition,particularly at ISO 1600 and upwards.Too much fiddling is necessary to try and get natural results in these circumstances,I would be very grateful on your comments regarding the X100f wax/false colour issue.The well known long term problem has,in some places,been reported as cured.A very interesting article regarding this matter is discussed at Petapixel,”X-Trans: The Promise and the Problem.”

    Looking forward to your review.

      • Fujifilm has always, always used sledgehammer amounts of noise reduction to make their images clean. That’s why you get waxy skin.

    • My first mirrorless camera was Fuji xe2 and it was horrible for waxy skin. I took it back and got Sony A7 instead. I ordered xpro2 on release and haven’t come across the waxy skin once! So I assume it won’t be a problem on the x100F either.

  8. Well, that video made you look like a TV salesman… Selling bags and straps. But next time also show an overlay with price and what number to call 😉

    Anyhow, hope you have a good time with the X100F, it looks terrific and I am ver excited what images you will produce with it.

    Your reports made me buy the V1+ 18.5/1.8 back then and later my X100T. Glad that you don’t rumble on about MTF charts an trust your creative feelings much more. Helped me a lot, thanks!

    Also, I really appreciate your love for m43! I come back to your site because you don’t neglect based on sensor sizes. Really, when other sites leave me back confused about whether image quality for product X is too bad to even keep on living, I come here to see just what wonderful images one can produce with said product.
    And thanks for providing large resolution files. Even though mostly jpgs, it helps a lot.

  9. Steve, I think you have really given (me at least) the conclusive argument for buying the X100. It’s the camera for OOC monochome who can’t afford a Leica M monochrome! Look forward to your full review.

  10. Steve,

    Have you considered reviewing the Fuji XT20? For the money it sounds like a nice camera for someone who doesn’t need the build quality and features of the XT2, but still would like the performance and IQ of Fuji’s new sensor and processor.


    • Steve,

      Just for your information, I took delivery today of Fuji’s XT20. It’s incredibly small, built very well, and with the 23mm it is exactly the same size as the Sony RX1 that I have. In black it looks identical to the RX1. You should get one in to look at.


    • I’d rather have the X100f but if going IC lens for Fuji, for me, I’d go for X-T2. But I am not as I prefer the X100 over any other Fuji as it is.

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