Reportage: Tel aviv Pride 2017 with a Leica SL By Shai Ashkenazi

Tel aviv Pride 2017 with a Leica SL

By Shai Ashkenazi

Hi steve and all you readers out there! Last week I was in tel aviv the pride parade, it was my first time there and I really enjoyed the beautiful color on the street. It was a hot day and very crowded…Music, Alcohol & Love all over.
Me & My Leica SL was wandering and looking for the atmosphere in pictures and here are some samples from the day. Enjoy (:
Thank you for reading.
Shai Ashkenazi


  1. Your leading image is absolutely stunning. It has everything right in my opinion. I take mainly landscapes, but that is the kind of reportage photo I can only aspire to.

  2. Great set of photo’s. Steve I love your philosophy!! There is hope for the world!!!

  3. Do you shoot Raw? As it looks the colors and overblown highlights suggest use of some JPEG art filtres simulating lab film prints. Of course the scene and subjects are colorful and fun.

  4. Shai, you did a good job in this great festival.
    I’ve been there two years ago.
    Your pictures a alive, colorful and bring the celebration to the screen very well.
    The SL does remarkably well, and the lens shines.

  5. I am proud of you, Steve. In times of separation and dividing your attitude is needed.

  6. To Shai Ashkenazi:
    I find your pictures to be of exceptional quality. The timing is masterly. Every one of them stands for a typical human feeling and expression or typifies in a strong way general aspects of the event.
    And although this is very difficult within a crowd, time after time you succeed to bring the scenes in interesting compositions, which largely emphasize the story telling.
    Great reportage work!

  7. I’m 100% straight. But I strongly sympathize with the holebi community, knowing many of them amongst my friends and family. I find those pride parades to be just a very small but oh so rightful counterweight for the immense intolerance and arrogance against holebi’s within the souls of so many. Not to mention the cruelties, perpetrated in the past (and still in the present) against them. History has shown us time after time that intolerance often causes major conflicts – the fear for what is different appears to determine the behavior of so many. I can only relate this to weakness. While in case of the holebi reality, this is a matter of all times, all peoples and cultures – also those that claim different, since there is always a hidden holebi reality. It’s certainty not a matter of choice, nor a matter of education. One can absoutely say it’s a matter of nature, since it can and is also observed among animals.
    I find this site not the right place for opinions and therefore I’m pretty reluctant to give mine. But in this case, I find history to have treated the holebi community with such great injustice that I couldn’t keep me from writing this down.
    BTW, without prejudice, all that those pictures show is joy, pride, love, friendship, freedom… in other words all the best things in life. I can only hope that tolerance will finaly overcome. For sure, peace will benifit from it.
    And BTW I don’t understand that someone would be offended by this, while still going to the beach without having a problem, or while still enjoying nude photograpy, not to mention porn. There’s beauty in everything.

  8. Wow, the internet can really elicit emotions. Its hard to imagine a scene where someone shows somebody few pics about the pride day and the interlocutor replies saying the pics are garbage. I guess the internet makes you anonymous and brings the best/worst from you.

  9. Great photos!!! in terms of capturing the spirit of a gathering and celebration, its top notch. And in terms of the people making nasty comments, have you not cottoned on to the fact that life is for living- in a world where all the photos we seem to see recently (certainly here in England) are of atrocities and disasters , seeing the smiles above is a welcome tonic. Well done Shai

  10. Nice pictures. Very colorful. And for all the haters: This is a Photography website. Not a political or religious one. And so comments should focus on the photography, not on the nature of items or events being photographed. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Trump rally or Black lives matter protest, if you’ve got a good pictures we would love to see them.

    • That’s odd. I thought photography might elicit emotion, passion and even reversal, reinforcement or change of viewpoints. But you have issued an edict forbidding any such discussion. On whose authority? I guess reasonable freedom of expression does not rate too highly with you. Are you the Town Scold? A Commissar of Censorship? Or any opinion other than your own belongs to a “hater”. What pompous tripe.

      Loved the saturation of the reds. Composition was variable and the weather looked fine.

      • ‘Pompus tripe’. Love that (you all, and certainly James (Aus.) know what tripe means in French, and what delicacy it is…).

        Anyway, if you really want to know how the photography site visiting communiting around the globe reacts to images that might have a political or cultural message, meaning, connotation or whatever, hop over to DPR.

        How anyone in his right mind could think that the merits of a photographic image should be seen completely separate from the societal environment the image was taken in and what it portrays is beyond me.

      • Photography is an Art. Some photos have only technical elements, like great color or composition, while other photos have a more lively elements, like captured emotions. The goal of photography is to try and nail those aspects. There’s no doubt Shai did an excellent job, both with regards to the technical aspects​ and in regards to capturing emotions. Now, if someone manage to shoot a really masterful portrait of ISIS leader, with great light, composition, color, detail, and the picture clearly portray the hate in his eyes – that would be an excellent job, photographically speaking.
        Since Shai did a great job, anyone who has an issue with the article is either jealous of his achievement, or he hates the subject of his art so much that he is blinded from seeing the actual art.

  11. Great photos Shai… The color and the festive feeling came up strong in these pictures…

    • I suspect we will not miss you, but I do hope there’s a lot more of such “irredeemable garbage” available for Steve to post in the future.

    • Technically I think the images are rather good, and so your comment is incorrect. If you don’t like the scenes portrayed then press the back button and read something else. Please dont tell everybody else what they may or may not approve of. I am not of the same persuasion as the subjects of these photos, but they do me no harm and they are certainly not dull.
      Since you have sworn not to come back though I suppose my keystrokes have been wasted….

      • @Matt
        I guess you must think well over a billion mainstream Muslims, and a few million fundamental Christians are all bigots then.

        • @Ana

          Yes, if they have an issue with someone based on their sexuality. I can never get my head around why anyone would care less what someone else gets up to with another consenting adult. For all i know, you like to have your feet tickled with a broccoli stem during sex. It’s not going to make me consider photos of “irredeemable garbage”! Do what you do, don’t worry about what anyone else is doing and we’ll all be fine.

  12. Marvelous colors.
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    Thanks Steve to publish and thank for your great photographies. I think Leica SL is a great camera but too big for me.

  13. good reportage…To look at the SL might turn a person away from purchasing, but after making images with it you fall in love with the camera. Still needs a good photographer behind the lens as you have done…

  14. Great colors, nice work on the street shots. I could have done without seeing the balcony shot however.

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