Camera Bag Fever! A look at my Bag Collection, and what I think of them today!

Camera Bag Fever! A look at my Bag Collection, and what I think of them today!

This one speaks for itself. Just a look at some of my camera bags and what I think of them today! Wotancraft, Hawkesmill, Black Forest, Cosyspeed, 24/7…

Let’s take a look. Video below!

Links to manufactures of the bags in this video:



Black Forest Bags





  1. Thanks Steve, love your work.
    I have used an Artisan and Artists and Billingham bags for nearly a decade and would really want to try out the Ryker for my SL. I have just tried out a Ryker last week in a local Leica Store and it is a piece of art. Now, it is just 3 things holding me back for grabbing one.
    1. A grab handle would be a great addition, as Chris mentioned above. But I can live without it or by adding one myself.
    2. A slightly bigger iPad compartment, for the new iPad Pro 10.5. The new 10.5 fits but rather tight.
    3. Just like 2, an SL fits but rather tight. I have heard you have one slightly bigger one (2017 model?) that fits the SL perfectly. I am really waiting for this. Do you know when will it release?
    Thanks again for your great work.

  2. The thing is, for me the ideal camera back does not exist.
    The Mindshift Rotation 180 Horizon does fill in a big need.
    It’s a perfect bag for one that’s really going into de feets.

  3. I bought a gently used Ryker years ago after watching your review. It’s the nicest bag I’ve ever had and makes me smile a bit every time I use it. The only thing that bugged me about it really was resolved when Wotancraft came out with a grab handle you can attach that makes it much easier to pick up off the floor. It’s wearing like a champ and will probably outlive me. Thanks for the tip, it’s a gift that keeps on giving!

  4. looks like you have same addiction as women for their purses, handbags and shoes.. ya gonna need to build a bigger closet hahaha 😉

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