Daily Inspiration #1041 by Vanessa Longo Renard

Daily Inspiration #1041

by Vanessa Longo Renard

Hi Steve,

I am new to your site, Pierre Wolf put me on to it. I live in Lorraine (France) too; I like all kinds of photos but particularly portraits. I work with a Nikon D610 and a 24-70 f/2.8 zoom. I’d like to present three b&w pictures (I love b&w so much).

The first one, ’Le chat commère’ is of a little cat I saw one morning in Collobrières (that’s in the south east of France), staring intently at me; I stared back and shot him ^^ ! 

The second one ’Regard de killeuse’ is my lovely daughter during a hike in Corsica this summer; she was very tired and slightly grumpy, so she shot me that dark look !

The last one ’Liberté’ was shot in Luxembourg with a model; there was a nice cascade, and the model got very very cold, but no way could she let it show; a brave girl! 


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  1. You really caught the expression on the faces of the little cat and the little girl very well – two really original portraits!

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