Be Sure to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel! It’s Growing!

Be Sure to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel! It’s Growing!

Just a heads up! I am posting more videos than ever to my YouTube channel (20 in the last month alone) and have some fun stuff on the way. Debby is now with me on the channel, and we have new adventures planned to review gear and travel to cool locations doing so. (Nothing exotic or crazy but fun nonetheless). I will keep all reviews here of course, written and with downloadable photos but am also spending a lot of time working on content for my YouTube like never before. Check it out HERE and subscribe if you want to keep up to date. Also turn on notifications if you want to be notified of new videos as I post them. My next video will be Debby and I heading to Oak Creek Canyon in AZ to test the X1D, then my final X1D review. Also coming up will be a review of the Loupedeck for Lightroom among other things, so check it out if you can.

Just a sampling of videos I posted over the last four weeks, there are more than these at the channel! 


Testing A FEW things including the A9, A2000 Gimbal, Leica SL, 10mm Wide lens, and more all at Salvation Mountain (Slab City)


A visit to Sedona to test the 50 f/3.5, Pen-F with 7mm and the DJI Spark, also Debby’s 1st review ever…of her favorite BEER!

A photo review of the 50 f/3.5 Heliar

My old Homeless project in photos with narration

The Leica SL and 50 Lux SL

Why I like my DJI Spark more than the Mavic Pro

Camera Bag Fever!

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  1. Great About Utube-Request any Leica M body repair info and ANY RF lens repair etc…Glad to know Your doing this Steve. You Rock.
    My first NYC Photo-pass Show next Year 2018
    Also 2017 Contact Photography show here in Toronto via Alt Photo
    Click Advance
    Paul Marques

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