The Most Artistic Lens I have ever used! A video look at the Canon Dream Lens!

The Most Artistic Lens I have ever used! A video look at the Canon Dream Lens!

By Steve Huff

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday, middle of the week! It’s a beautiful sunny day (as usual) here in Phoenix AZ and I decided this morning that the 1st thing I would do is whip up a cool little video about the most artistic lens I have ever used. It has been 4-5 years already since I first wrote about this lens, but I realized I never did a proper video for it, with images. So here you go! This lens is still semi popular among many passionate shooters. I even know one guy who pulls one out at weddings he shoots from time to time. It’s artistic as it can get but also not an every day lens, as one can get tired from the look it gives. Even so, the bokeh, the falloff, the way it renders color and the way it gives off that dream like imagery is pretty cool.

A new Video with photos from the lens, and some commentary

This lens is always on offer at Ebay, and prices range from $2500 to $3500 depending on the mount you get. All have been converted from the old Canon 7 RF mount but you can find them in M mount, Screw mount or even E mount. A cool lens, and you can see my original write ups of it HERE and HERE.

Enjoy the video with photos and thoughts on this unique lens! More coming later guys, stay tuned!

The Lens below on a Sony and Leica ; )


  1. A good MF lens is for life! (and more)
    I have a bit the opposit behavior from you, Steve. I often think: “Should I really be keeping this old stuff?” But most of the time, I find it just too hard to part from it. And then I see myself regaining intrest in (some of) my older lenses after a while en enjoy them a lot. This older gear can even seriously inspire! Because it makes one return to the essence of photography, even when shooting with the most modern sensor. IMO, combining old lenses on a modern body can open up a newly discovered beauty for this old glass.
    I really feel for you, that you have sold this one. And I genuinly hope that you’ll find another one, to enjoy it for the rest of your life… … … from time to time!

  2. Hey Steve . I recently pick up a Canon 50 mm f0.95 and a Sony A7r11 .. So far very impressed with the results.. Having owned and used the Leica Noct and the Canon 50 1.0 I appreciate the low contrast and dreamy look of the Canon 50mm 0.95 .. If your interested .. Check out my pics on my Facebook.. Gregory Rogalsky FB . IV been think of doing a review on the dream lens in the near future.

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