Nazareth with the Leica M10 by Dan Bar

Nazareth with the Leica M10

by Dan Bar

Hello Steve

Last saturday my cousin and I decided to visit Nazareth. Nazareth is a biblical city with some very famous and important churches, like the Basilica of Annunciation where angel Gabriel told Mary she would bear a child, or the Spring church.
We decided to visit them both. Personally I like the Spring church more . It is tiny but beautiful and always full of pilgrims from all over the world, so one can always find interesting shots there.  As always I took my M10 + 50 APO Cron , The weather was fantastic, this time of the year it is not hot anymore  and very pleasant. Most of my shots were taken at the Spring church and only one in the Basilica of Annunciation. I love shooting people and most pilgrims don’t mind being photographed which makes it much easier for me.
At the Spring Church. I was lucky to find a group of pilgrims visiting, they didn’t seem to mind my presence .

Couldn’t resist this one, They seemed both praying 
Finally I took one photo of Mount Precipice, where Jesus jumped to save his life

🙂  Danny


  1. Wonderful…thanks. It’s over 40 years since I was in Israel. A photogenic place if there ever was. Really enjoy your work.

  2. Dan, I absolutely love the photo of the pilgrims taken from behind. What a shot! So full of atmosphere. Stunning!

  3. Just an extra word, Danny. I really appreciate the way you reply to all of us who have commented. It’s a little bit of good etiquette which not all contributors to Steve’s site follow. (You don’t need to reply to this comment!!)

  4. I understand your thing is dark/moody, but do you ever go somewhere that you think might be better represented with more light, or do you always see the world as a dark place? I would love to see what your M10 can do when you let more light in.

  5. I agree with John. Compositions are good but there’s a flatness to the overall tone. It’s not easy to bring life, some pop, to a photo buried in the shadows if there’s not enough surrounding light to make the contrast visible. I’m curious about your EV data and if you could have stopped Up to capture more light without adversely affecting the results you wanted?

  6. I really appreciate being able to share these very human pictures. Sometimes I think the underexposure/dark tonality works, sometimes (for me at least) not. I know this is your particular aesthetic, but your eye and composition are so good, I think you could afford to experiment with a lighter style.

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