Is the new Panasonic G9 chasing the Em1 MKII? Let’s look at the specs.

Is the new Panasonic G9 chasing the Em1 MKII? Let’s look at the specs.

The Panasonic G9 has been announced, and I sort of had a little interest when it was announced, and then it faded as for me, it’s not something I would be interested in for what I do PERSONALLY. But I am well aware that many of you reading this have interest in the G9, as it is a new kind of Panasonic and their now FLAGSHIP product. Just as Sony has the A9 as their flagship, and Olympus has the Em1 MKII, Panasonic now has the G9. But what is so special about this camera that comes in at just under $1700? I do know it forced the EM1 MKII down to $1800 from $2k so that is good news. Right? But what does the G9 offer over the Em1 MKII that would make YOU choose it over the Olympus? I know some just prefer Olympus and some will prefer Panasonic when it comes to their micro 4/3 camera usage but as for features, what is selling YOU on the G9? The video? The speed? It’s not far off from the Olympus, and the Olympus EM MKII has been out now for over a year. What does the Panasonic offer here, if anything, that is tipping YOU to the camera?

Here are the specs and an image of the Panasonic. 

20.3MP Digital Live MOS Sensor

Venus Engine Image Processor

UHD 4K60p Video; 80MP High-Res Shot Mode

5-Axis Sensor Stabilization; Dual I.S. 2

0.83x 3.68m-Dot OLED Viewfinder

3.0″ 1.04m-Dot Free-Angle Touchscreen

Top Status LCD; Rear Joystick

Advanced DFD AF System; 6K PHOTO

ISO 25600 and 60 fps Continuous Shooting

Dual UHS-II SD Slots; Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

And now the EM1 MKII

20.4MP Live MOS Sensor

TruePic VIII Dual Quad Core Processor

Micro Four Thirds System

2.36m-Dot LCD Electronic Viewfinder

3.0″ 1.04m-Dot Vari-Angle Touchscreen

DCI 4K/24p & UHD 4K/30p Video Recording

5-Axis Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization

15 fps Shooting and Expanded ISO 25600

Dual F.A.S.T. 121-Point Autofocus System

Weather-Sealed Construction

My Thoughts?

Well, I own the Olympus but have not even touched the Panasonic (I know some have). So I am going by printed specs and images only here in my very 1st thoughts.

The Body

To me it seems Panasonic took some cues from Olympus in the design of the body, but also made it their own. The added top display of the G9  is very nice to have for the “at a glance” settings. Different control layout that some will prefer or may not. I see no mention of the G9 being weather sealed in the published specs, but is it? If not, that’s a big difference right there. The EM1 MKII withstood the harsh conditions of snow, sleet and hail during the test in Iceland with it. The weather seal is rock solid on the Olympus. Overall, both bodies have a “mini DSLR” style of body.

The Specs

So they both have 20MP sensors, they both have their own processors, and they are both made for Micro 4/3 lenses. So as always, you can use Olympus or Panasonic lenses on either body. The Panasonic has a higher res EVF at 3.6 M vs the EM1 MKII’s 2.36M. They both have a 3″ touch LCD and both shoot 4K video though the G9 does 4K 60FPS where the Em1 MKII does 4K 24P or 30p. The Panasonic is touting new DFD AF, which I have no experience with and the Olympus is already known for pretty damn fast AF. Both have 5 AXIS IS though I have never seen anyone implement it as well as Olympus…yet. The Panasonic and Only go up to ISO 25k and the G9 can do 12 FPS with single shot AF with the mechanical shutter while the Only can do 15 FPS with single AF. Both have dual card slots, both have WiFi. Both now have pixel shift as well for higher res images.

To me it seems these are very close in reality and  would come down to a couple of things. If you want 4K video at 60FPS, the Panasonic wins it. If you want tough weather sealing that is the best in the business and slightly faster FPS with the mech shutter, the EM1 MKII would rule the day in M 4/3. Usually, Panasonic delivers on video but this one, the G9 is their flagship STILLS camera though I am sure the video will be beautiful as well.

But what are your thoughts? Do you feel it overtakes the EM1 MKII? Is there something I missed? What are your thoughts on the new Panasonic G9. Two flagships…which would YOU take?

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  1. I have the EM1ii, I like Olympus. For me photography is history in the making, once the photo is taken it can’t be repeated. Whilst the G9 looks a terrific camera I like using a modern classic which is what I consider an Olympus is.
    I’ve had FF Cameras and lens via Canon but I believe that the modern M43 is the way forward. Everyone harps on about FF, DoF etc etc etc, but I find my M43 images are just as good as the FF images and with the equipment being lighter and easier to handle I have far more ‘hits’ than ‘misses’ – at the end of the day it’s about getting the photo.
    I just wish Olympus and Panasonic would work more closely with each other when it comes to lens compatibility, that was the whole idea of M43 in the first place

  2. Panasonic chose to use electronic shutter only for high res mode which means no flash. The EM1 can use flash for high res. To me this is strange. Why would you eliminate so many great lighting options for high res mode. That swings it for me towards the EM1.

  3. Panasonic Lumix G9 vs Olympus E M1 MarkII:
    I agree, both are excellent professional MFT-cameras.
    But who believes that the G9 were about US$ 300,- cheaper than the E M1 MarkII, goes wrong.
    The Oly is delivered with a small master flash for wire-less flashing, the Panasonic not, you have to buy it.
    The cheapest Panasonic flash that can be used as a master, costs almost US$ 300,-. So, in reality there is almost no price difference between both. Or do you really want to buy such an expensive camera (wichever you will choose) without using its wireless flash-function ever?

    Have a good exposure: Toivo Willmann

  4. Having spent some months being undecided between the E-M1 Mk II and the GH5 while I save up my money, Panasonic have saved my sanity with the G9. The Panasonic ergonomics suit me perfectly and will make it an easy transition from my existing model: the hi-res mode seals the deal. I have zero interest in video, so the hi-res stills mode is why I was considering the Oly over the GH5. Now I can have that AND 6k photo mode!


      This looks really like the perfect camera. I like the lcd plate on the top, whether sealing and fast auto focus. The problem remains the same : m43rd is not there yet regarding dynamic Range and Middle / High ISO ( Let’s say between ISO 1250 to ISO 6400).
      I am looking forward to see some reviews but since the sensor is the same as the GH5 ( and pretty much similar to GX8, Pen.F or other em1.2..) I don’t expect a huge improvement .

      • dynamic range is awesome at these cameras! A olympus e-m1 II has a BETTER dynamic range than older canon 6D or a nikon D700 !!!
        but m43 will never be there, where full frame is with the same sensor technology!
        so if DR and high ISO performance is important to you, get a modern full frame.

        I shoot mainly fuji, and I don’t see a benefit of my larger sensor (and lenses) in terms of DR… ISO is quite different in my perception, I love the fuji sensors in that respect and don’t mind using auto-ISO while in (semi)manual (using the exposure compensation dial for ISO).

        But honestly, m43 is more and more appealing for me as a hobbyist…

  5. I do not need the flagship cameras. Although I like to dream I come from film stock photography. I do not need the high speed. I shoot RAW. I have a mix of Pany and Oly lenses. I seem to lean more towards Pany for general use lenses. And to Oly for their fine pro primes when I need and can afford (or rent) one. Last Dec, I got an EM1 during the sale. Although the 12-40 did not last long, I loved the camera. Since I usually shoot with 2 cameras I got a G85 as a second camera. I like the aperture ring. Also since Oly puts a UV coating on a lens surface and Pany puts it on the sensor, some Pany lenses (15/1.7) actually require a UV filter on an Oly to get the mirco contrast they have on a Pany. Still, I loved the EM1 and wanted some of the things it could do that the Pany did not. But when I want to just grab a camera and go out and shot with family or friends rather than a photography trip, I grab the G85. The real honest reason is because it feels nicer in my hands. The ergonomics fit me better. After all the research, features, comparisons, I end up using the camera that feels most comfortable to me. I am sure if I had the flagships, it would end up the same way. How does one even rate that? Or the fact that another person might find the Oly a better fit?

  6. I like to geotag my photos, and the G9, like the GH5, will make this much more convenient by maintaining a low-energy Bluetooth connection to a smart phone and pulling location data when needed. No more having to burn batteries recording a GPX track for the day and manually merging data.

    USB charging also means one less thing to carry since I’m already bring a multi-outlet USB charter for other devices.

    I’ve been shooting travel, landscapes, and macro with an EM-5 since that camera first shipped , and the G9 is the first μ43 camera released since then that actually provides tangible benefits for me.

  7. Camera looks nice with lots of cool features but it’s getting kinda big. And pricey. I’m looking for more of GX8 size: not too big but not too small. It will be interesting to see how many features migrate to a new GX9 maybe in a spring 2018 debut.

  8. Well, now I’m torn. I was looking at an OM-D E-M1 MkII to complement my Pen F. Then this Lumix G9 comes along with its beautiful huge EVF and USB charging and things have changed. Yes, those two features are important to me. Now I’m thinking of the G9 only, selling the Pen F to fund the new purchase. Downside? I own 7 lenses, 6 of which are Olympus (3 Pro), and the PanaLeica 25mm f/1.4. Do I really want a Lumix body with 6 Olympus lenses when the two manufacturers are increasingly including new features that work best (or only!) when the camera and lens brand match?

    Sigh. Probably best to stick with Olympus. Dunno.

    • or you could see what lenses you really love.
      for me, it would be wide angle (12mm would be glued to my camera) and something for portraits. Panasonic has amazing offerings there.

      I’d buy the panasonic 12mm 1:1.4, the pancake 20mm 1:1.7 II and the 42.5 1:1.7 with power ois.
      3 fixed and bright lenses for everything I need.

  9. This camera is bigger and uglier than most of the other m43 models. So it must be a very good performer, otherwise there is no reason to want one.,692

    The first samples I have seen on the internet look great. Panasonic is aiming at a higher contrast than Olympus. I usually prefer the more subtle tones of Olympus, but I can imagine some prefer more punch. A friend of mine has that sweet GX85. Images are terrific. Only full red is slightly over the top and that’s what I also saw in some G9 samples.

  10. Steve,
    The decider for me personally are the dedicated & obvious direct buttons & controls on the G9. Could use this out of the box without any messing around. That’s coming from using both the Oly & Panny interface for years. Also the VF will make a difference for my portrait work.

  11. A few more advantages of the g9 over the Olympus em1 mk2

    – no live view blackouts when doing continuous shooting/ af. The Sony A9 has this too

    – can charge camera battery using usb 3.0 can’t on thw olympus.

    – can power camera and use through usb3.0. The Olympus doesn’t do that either.

  12. By the way, I am still
    Somewhat amazed the fantastic Fuji x-e3 gets hardly a mention. It’s small. Compact. *Fast* in all operation *and Auto focus*. Better color sensitivity and noise handling than best m43 sensor. And vastly better stability than a PenF.

    I love the PenF files but the usability, af and camera speed are lacking for a camera in that price tier.

  13. Steve- yes the g9 is weather sealed

    Points over em1 mkii – I bet a million dollars vastly better usability given my now extensive experience with both brands

    The dual UHS cars slots are both class II unlike the em1 mkII

    The IBiS at least cups eating is better now with a ration of 6.5 stops without using a lens with OIS- remains to be seen in real testing.

    More focus points

    I bet the video is much better too. I don’t see anything the em1 reallydoes better than this camera at least on paper- except perhaps the JPEGs though Panasonic also is touting new improvements over the already improved gh5

    I would pick this camera over the em1 simply because of the usability. Olympus stability has become a mess.

    The only reason it’s not for me is the size (just like em1). I would love if they packed a lot of this texhnin. Gx85 style body. For that I would go for.

  14. Hi Steve, Re. weather sealing this is what I read “Additionally, the body is fully weather-sealed and freeze proof for use in harsh weather.” so am wondering is it ???? Thanks, Wes

  15. The G9 looks nice, but the specs essentially look like copying the OM-D E-M1 ii — one year after (it is dust/splash/freeze “proof”, according to CNET). To me, Olympus appears more innovative.
    +: higher resolution EVF, both SD cards are high speed.
    -: bigger/bulkier, 15% heavier, shorter battery life (CNET).

    New 200 mm f/2.8 lens: surely good, and expensive (US$ 3000). But with the 40-150 mm f/2.8, to me, 200 mm is too little reach.

  16. If Pentax doesn’t deliver a competent APS-C flagship with improved autofocus by next year, this camera & some new Panasonic lenses will replace my current Pentax gear. This is the camera I’ve been waiting for. The Sony A9 is too expensive overall. The Nikon D500 is nice, but no IBIS. Same thing with the Canon 7D Mark II – no IBIS. The Olympus OMD E-M1 Mark II is nice, but I think I still prefer this Panasonic G9 over it. The first thing I look for in a camera is IBIS. No IBIS, no sale.

    Don’t get me wrong. Pentax makes some very nice gear with a lot of features that Canon & Nikon don’t give you at similar price points, but what’s the point in having all those wonderful features if the damn camera can’t catch some basic action or something happening rapidly due to the camera trying to figure out where to focus? It can be frustrating at times. Even single-point back button focus can suck at times. I think I have tried every single combination of AF settings possible on my K-5IIs, K-3, & K-3II, but there are times that the cameras leave me frustrated. The K-5IIs is even worse. Even when I pair the newest fast focusing Pentax DA 55-300mm PLM lens to my K-3II, there are times that the camera just can’t lock the focus correctly when a subject is moving. Like when my kids are running towards me or running away from me or just being hyperactive in general. Trying to catch a fidgety kid or toddler is almost next to impossible at times. I’ll have to manually focus the lens on my own to get the moving shot. The AF module is too slow to figure out what to focus on. The live view eye & face recognition options don’t really work well either. They’re too slow to react. It’s like these cameras are meant to only be used on 100% static subjects only. They’re great for landscape, architectural, & portrait photography, but if action is involved, that’s where they seem to fall short. If they had the AF performance that Nikon, Canon, & a lot of other mirrorless makers had, it would make a bunch of Pentaxians happier. They do have the best menu system ever out of all cameras that I have ever used. They also have some excellent IQ. I just wish they had the AF performance to match. And the video options are…… I’m not even going to touch that subject.

    Oh well. Sorry for the rant, but at least I now have a possible candidate from Panasonic in the future. I do understand that I’d take a slight hit in IQ compared to my APS-C bodies, but I’m fine with that. The features that this camera has, will probably supercede any IQ advantages that my Pentax gear has anyway. If this G9 camera can quickly get me tack sharp photos of moving subjects, that will be a major win for me. If Ricoh doesn’t make major improvements to the AF performance of that upcoming Pentax APS-C flagship, I’ll definitely start selling my Pentax gear & getting a G9 with a GH5 for the wife. At least the future is looking brighter!

    • I own an E-M5ii and I also own the 40-150/2.8 which is really good but big. For travelling I have the Pana 7-14 and Oly 12-100.
      ComparisonG9 with the Sony A7Riii:
      The Sony-combination looks a little bit smaller but would be more expensive. I prefer the Sony combination.

  17. If the G9 can nail down the continuous autofocus tracking, it will be a huge win against the E-M1 II. As an owner of the original E-M1, I was very disappointed in the very small improvement in the continuous autofocus tracking of the E-M1 II. That is why I bought a Nikon D500 for my wildlife and sports photography.

    Two areas that are a big win for the Panasonic are the video and both card slots supporting UHS-II. Anyone who shoots action knows that having one card slot support only UHS-I cripples your camera when it comes to writing to the card. Olympus fails here. Sony continues to fail here. Nikon gets it right with the D500 and the D850. And now Panasonic gets it right with the G9.

    My biggest concern with m4/3 is how Olympus and Panasonic continue to drift apart with lens technology on each other’s cameras. Panasonic lenses will continue to work better on Panasonic cameras and Olympus lenses will continue to work better on Olympus cameras.

    • Hi. I think the improvements in AF from EM1 to EM1 II are substantial. D500 definitely wins there but EM1 II is probably as good as, say, D7200 in terms of AF-C.

  18. Every time Olympus has something special in their cameras(pixel maping,sensor cleaning,hi res,60 fps, pro capture,image stabilizer, etc)Pana and Sony are following. I see no killer cameras of one brand over the other. I see cooperation between camera companies.
    Hand held hi res mode is next and it will be the real game changer.

  19. Based on what Sony is doing in mirrorless FF, I think I will wait and save that little extra for Sony. The cost of the pro lenses has the FF in the picture.

    • What about the cost of the body? The EM-1 MkII does € 2k overhere, guess about the same in dollars. A7 Mk. II € 1.600,-!

  20. That EVF on the Panasonic decides it for me. 50% more resolution than the one in the Olympus? Yow.
    But $2K for these beasties? That is FF money.

    • FF money but the specs are better in G9. 4K @60p and 1080p @180p and articulated touch screen and 20fps with AF and much much better IBIS and 801.11ac (as opposed to b/g/n used in rivals) and double SD card with UHSII support and huge viewfinder and…

  21. Hi Steve
    The G9 has got me hoping it will be my next flagship camera. USB charging and able to run off a USB power bank freaking awesome those 20000 units will have it shooting for hours
    Panasonic also are hinting improved CAF but let’s wait and see how that pans out.
    The little knob that moves the focus points works well and the new EVF
    is wonderful.
    For now I will be reading reviews up until it is released and then trying it out for myself before ordering.

  22. I kind of echo some of the other comments already posted here. I do prefer the Panasonic bodies to the Olympus. I had a GX8 at one time but ultimately sold it. I LOVED everything about it except for the colors, and ultimately I wanted to move to a full-frame sensor. When I ended up with a m4/3 lens that didn’t sell (PL 25 1.4), and by then thought a second camera would be useful, I decided to get a used EM1 since the price had gotten so low due to the EM1 mkII. I just have not bonded with it, and even though I do need to spend more time with it still and give it more of a chance, I will never like the look, feel, and operation the way I did with the Panasonic. I have a strong feeling that if I stay with m4/3 in any capacity, I will eventually switch back to a Panasonic body regardless of what lenses I want to use.

    Steve, if you get a chance to review this model, or offer a guest review of it, I’d love to read those thoughts and see some images. I know the X1D is getting a lot of love (and understandably so), but I hope you find the time/means to keep other mirrorless options in the mix too. Best regards,


  23. It’s not out yet in the UK and as far as I can see, a version of the user manual – which would offer me and others, a much better idea of what this camera is like before we can actually handle one. I’m an EM-1 user and have also been a 4/3rds user ever since I bought the E-1 in 2006, which I still own and use. I would say the fundamental difference between the GX9 and the E-M1 is down more to the ergonomics of its body design, which to me seem better than the E-M1’s in respect of the positioning of the On/Off switch, what looks like a more substantial rubber eyepiece. I wish Olly would put the E-M1’s power switch either back where it was on the E-1 or in a similar position as it is on the GX9. The top display panel on the GX1 is also an excellent concept. If the layout of the menus on the GX9’s rear LCD turn out to be less convoluted than that on E-M1, I could be very tempted, as long as the Zukio lenses I already have, work as fast and seamlessly on the GX9 as they do on my Olympus body.

  24. seems like they made this camera to try and stop people saying get Olympus for stills and Panasonic for video (in the M43 market). But I don’t see anything very revolutionary, just some catch up features like the high res. I wish Panasonic had taken a leaf from Fuji rather than chase Olympus, direct camera controls for shutter, exp comp, and iso and ditching the mode dial would have been more compelling for me. Pana already has some lenses with aperture dials on the lenses.

  25. I think you struck it right to say that the two are so similar it could depend on brand preference. However, one feature you didn’t cover but would be worth considering is how the two cameras do their AF. The DFD that is so speedy on the Panasonic only works like that on Panasonic lenses. It may well focus Olympus lens quickly but it won’t be at the headline super-speedy rate. I know my EM1 focuses Panasonic lenses so quickly that you don’t even think about it. If you use other than Panasonic lenses, the G9 offers no advantage.

    On the other hand, the two EM1s have a significant advantage as they offer phase detect autofocus, which offers up a world of older 4/3 lenses – and my original EM1 handles those very well. I have a handful of quite useful 4/3 lenses which are so cheap these days but most will not focus well on the Panasonic as they were designed for PDAF.

    If I was starting fresh, it’s possible the G9 would tempt me over the EM1 Mk2 (mostly that top LCD panel, to be honest) but I wouldn’t get either. I’d throw away the specs and get a Pen F instead! However, I now have a Leica T so m4/3 purchase is very much on hold. Sigh.

  26. Just about to buy the E-M1 MKII and then this comes along! It’s a tough one now. This has the top LCD display and higher resolution viewfinder which I would say are going to make a big difference in the shooting experience. Everything else looks very close in the specs and I can’t seem to find the killer feature of the Olly that this one doesn’t have, other than a proven track record. The 200mm 2.8 with 1.4x bundled teleconverter also seems to offer more versatility than the Olly 300 f4. Both cameras now have dual IS but only with their own lenses. I wish they would come together and make it work cross brand 🙁

  27. I like what Panasonic did here, especially bringing down the entry fee to the “best” m43 has to offer by 15% compared to the E-M1ii, whose pricing was an insult IMO.

    I also think announcing with the 200/2.8 was a great idea, as people can envision a system and not just a body upgrade. The 200/2.8 samples look out of this world, and the lens comes with a 1.4x teleconverter. Pretty powerful system for $4700 (price of the Sony a9 body alone)

    All comes down to DFD C-AF performance. The E-M1ii did no knock my socks off. It was similar to the Fuji X-T2, which is not to say bad, but the bare minimum a >$1500 camera should do these days. Hoping the G9 is a bit faster and can track.

    Seriously feel like we’re in a golden era of camera products. The tech out today is mind blowing. Also is the pricing.

    • This is a little surprising to read, as the X-T2 is supposed to be the best C-AF on a mirrorless around, esp for video (I owned one and can attest to it).

        • Ok fine, the A9 wins (it’s newer so I forgot about it). Either way, the X-T2 is up there, beats the A6500 and every other A-Series Sony in tracking.

      • I guess my poorly worded point is that the E-M1ii was hailed as a game changer in terms of C-AF and speed, and it’s really what I’d consider the bare minimum to be functional at any price.

  28. I just bought a used E-M1 m2 last week, and now I’m torn. I shoot both stills and video, but went with the E-M1 over the GH5 because I lean more towards stills these days. Now the G9 comes along, looking like a mix of the above two.
    One thing I’m really frustrated with about the E-M1 mii is the requirement of Olympus-only lenses for Pro Capture mode; I didn’t realize this when I purchased, and now I feel locked into one company’s lenses when I assumes I could use either Olympus or Panasonic.
    The G9 doesn’t seem to have this same type of requirement for its high-speed modes, so that is a big plus for it, in my book.

  29. Hi Steve,

    I switched from Olympus to Panasonic. Had the EM-1MkI , then went for GH4 due to Video and now the GH5. I still know the EM-1MKII and some of the Olympus Pro lenses(habe the 300mm)

    But here is the But:

    The Olympus stuff is great and especially the new primes, but they lost the greatness and soul they had in mind with 4/3 and E1/3/5 and Pro/Top Pro stuff (Still have the E1).

    To my very big surprise, really big surprise that’s now what Panasonic is picking up. I’m really amazed. Suddenly it’s all there like a big old friend that went and got lost. Everything. And the Bodies just fell right, very very well laid out and thoughtful, lenses are beauties and with a certain character that’s missing with the new oly m4/3 stuff. Not as good as the brilliant Top Pro, but definitely closer.

    Really for me I don’t look back at the Olympus stuff….


    • I don’t understand this, you say Olympus has “lost the greatness and soul”, but then you give no examples of this. What does that even mean?

      • Easy. Did you use 4/3? And any of the Pro and TopPro lenses?

        The E1 was an amzing Body, only surpassed by the Leica SL. The E3/5 where different but also great!

        The EM-1 is a nice Camera, but from the ergonomics, the ease of use not the same league. It has all the bells and whistles but once you look beside them there isn’t much apart PDAF and a 20MpP sensor.

        When take up the GH5 it feels an Handels immediately like the old E1//2/3… like Home.

        Next the lenses. Yes Olympus hast made some great optics lately, especially the primes. But while they are high resolution they aren’t as overall pleasant as the Pro and TopPro.. and again from my experience again that where Panasonic is taking it up,. The leica Branded stuff has something that’s gone with the newer Olympus stuff. As far as overall rendering concerned, the TopPrp lineup is still the best. I would dream of to have them back with a m4/3 mount.


  30. The G9 has really got my attention.. Yes, it has full weather sealing and freeze proofing. A nice decent grip. Upgraded IS that sounds like it’s up there with the best, if not THE best. And a beautiful big immersive 0.83x EVF with over 3.6mp resolution and super high refresh rate. Not to mention all the other high tech bells and whistles! Looking forward to your real life field test, Steve 🙂

  31. Hi Steve.

    I’ve tended to drift more to the Pana side of MFT over the past couple of years. I still love my PenF, but I also love my GX8 and imo the best recent “bang-for-the-buck” in mft has been the G80 that I use with the longer lenses. I also ran a GX85 but the small viewfinder just didn’t work for me. Panasonic colours seem a bit grittier , ‘moody’, over the last few bodies and I like what they can produce. I also like their menu more than Oly’s, which I still find quite opaque. And the big kicker? Aperture ring compatibility. Particularly on the GX series, it just feels fun and classic to use for me.

    So, all that said, which would I choose (assuming I ever felt I could justify a $2600 Australian mft body!) ? Very tough, because the Em1 with the 12-100/4 has incredible IBIS and usability. But if Panasonic have given the G9 equal IBIS, then I just might go for the G9. Why? Well, like I said, I like the Panasonic colours. Maybe its confirmation bias but I have been wondering if they are chasing “Leica” input on their processing. I prefer the Panasonic menu’s. And since I LOVE the GX8 evf, I can only imagine how incredible the new .83x Mag EVF in the the G9 will be! The 6k photo modes are clever, and we now have raw output High Res mode. I’ve read that the body is absolutely weathersealed. It can talk to the Panasonic Leica lenses for aperture and dual-stabilisation. The top deck LCD i’m not sold on, but maybe ive just forgotten how useful it was on my Dslr’s. The focus joystick I’m pleased to see since I tend to shoot with the screen closed. Single shot AF imo has been better than Oly’s (though both are damn fast and accurate) so if that’s improved even more then wow.

    I’d really need to hold the camera to know if the size and layout work for me. And I’ll wait to see if the claimed DR improvement and mid-level-ISO IQ improvements are real. But if they are, and if the IBIS and AF are really top notch, then I think a G9 and a few PL lenses could well get my money, should I ever have it.

    All that said, I’d still rather see a GX9. lol. You cant please everyone…..

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