(Video) NEW GEAR WEEK! A7RIII, Canon 85 1.4L, Canon M100, Think Tank, Rode and Cam of the Year 2017

(Video) NEW GEAR WEEK! A7RIII, Canon 85 1.4L, Canon M100, Think Tank, Rode and more!

Loads of new gear came in this week, all for review. Even a couple of things I normally do not review! A Canon M100 which IMO could be a GREAT gift for the budding photographer in your life at $499. Small, light, easy and quick. I also received a Canon 85 1.4L to review and will do so on my Sony as I do not own a Canon. Even so, we have tons of 85mm options for Sony. G Master, the f/1.8 Sony and the list goes on. Canon though has always had a unique rendering and color signature. I used to (long ago) adore the 85 f/1.2 for what it offered with IQ and this new f/1.4 seems even better. Faster AF, same signature, and great weather sealed image stabilized operation. Review soon, maybe on the A7RIII.


Speaking of the A7RIII, I have one here with the 24-70 GM and 50 1.4. Lovely lenses. My full review will be coming soon. It is also my camera of the year 2017. Yep I let the cat out of the bag. IMO, no camera released this year, FOR ME, beats the A7RIII as it offers versatility, size, speed, high res, lens choice and so much more. I go over a little more in the video above but this camera is HOT right now for a reason.

In this video I also speak about two rode mics and a few other things. Enjoy and have a great weekend. Next week I will be using the new Olympus f/1.2 pro lenses and a new video and report will be coming at some point next week!


Canon M100


Canon 85 1.4L

Sony a7RIII

Rode VideoMic Pro +

Rode Lav Mic

Think Tank

Olympus 45 1.2

Olympus 17 1.2





  1. I’ve been looking forward to the A7R III review here, always enjoy your unabashed reviews on the best gear 😉 Today however, I’ve read a verdict that in my view, is off the charts with Sony love. Andy Westlake from Trusted Reviews says; “Quite simply, the Sony A7R III is a ludicrously brilliant camera, and one of the very best on the market. Wow, I don’t think that I have EVER heard ANYONE speak so highly of a Sony product.

    • I’ve spoken just as highly of it, as have several reviewers. It’s an astonishing camera, and one with no real flaws but amazing performance and output and versatility. My camera of the year 2017.

  2. Hi Steve!
    I just got my Sony a7iii. I used the Novoflex adaptor with Sony a7 and Leica 50mm 1.4 lens and it worked perfectly. The same adaptor seemed to attached to my new Sony a7iii, but when I pressed C3 button on the body, it shows lens error message, and the adaptor brand name is not in the center to align with the “Sony” brand name. I tried the following way, but couldn’t find the shutter lock on 7iii
    Set the following if you attach the camera body to an astronomical telescope or other similar device:
    Set the mode dial to Manual (M).
    Set the Release w/o Lens option in the camera menu to Enable.
    Set the Shutter lock option in the camera menu to Off: no lens.

    Could you please help? Thank you very much!


  3. Hi Steve, I’m stuck between wanting to get the A9 or the A7RIII, and your camera of the year declaration has thrown me into a tizzy! In your opinion do you think the main deciding factor between the two is price?

    • Well, if you shoot sports 80% of the time, or action, go for an A9. If you shoot VLOG style video or need AF for video most of the time, go A9.

      If not, an A7RIII would be better. It’s almost as fast, just as nice, feels fast, has more resolution and the same battery and many features of the A9. It’s also much cheaper. What you gain with the A9 is lower MP files (if you are not a high res kind of shooter) and a better AF Tracking for action.

      • Thanks Steve! I also wanted to get your opinion on the sensor pixel size. Do you find it makes a difference in image quality and low light performance at all between the A9 and A7RIII? Or is it negligible? I wasn’t planning on printing anything beyond letter size, if that helps, and I mostly shoot street, architecture, kids, and nature. The lower file size of the A9 is kind of appealing, but then again so is the lower cost of the A7RIII!

  4. To say that the A7R Mark III caught a few people off guard might be an understatement and it may very well become a legendary camera for all the things it does so well. 😉

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