(VIDEO) New Olympus Lenses in Hand! Image samples and more this week!


(VIDEO) New Olympus Lenses in Hand! Image samples and more this week!

Hey guys! Today was a travel day for me as I flew to Charleston SC to test the new Olympus pro f/1.2 lenses! The 45 1.2 and the 17 1.2. Well, I was given the lenses tonight and will be shooting them tomorrow and Thursday here in Charleston with a few others who are here as well.

They are the same exact size as the 25 f/1.2 pro, which on the EM1 Body is very nice indeed. These are not large lenses, not at all, yet I see some online say they are. Sure, when compared to a $300 45 1.8, that are larger but these lenses are pro built, pro spec, f/1.2 and SHARP as can be at f/1.2 as well as being VERY fast with AF on the EM1 MKII.

We will be shooting horses, models, plantations, and much more over the next two days, so I will report back with images and more video by end of week. Until then, updates may be slow as I am away from home!

Here is a quick hands on video I did in my hotel room tonight right after the lenses were handed to me. You can order the Olympus 45 1.2 at Amazon HERE. The 17 1.8 will start shipping next month, and ca be pre ordered HERE.


  1. The 25 1.2 is just awesome

    The 45 seems to be it’s 45mm replica in terms or user experience and rendering

    I’m buying it

    looking forward to 45mm w the 25mm user experience

    thx Steve

  2. I grew up in Charleston and still live in South Carolina. I also have a Lumix GX1 and a suite of prime lenses, a Nikon D7000 and the Leica Q. I look for forward to your comments on these two lens as well as seeing Charleston as the backdrop. I have traveled to both Europe and Asia many times, but Charleston is still one top notch photo opportunity. Thanks.

  3. The purpose of the nocticron is primarily shallow depth of field – not low light. The oly’s Will never replace that. But as Steve said, they are 1.2 from a light standpoint.

    • That would be incorrect. The Nocticron has the same exact light gathering and low light ability as the Nocticron, as well as the DOF. In fact, shallow DOF is better on the Olympus due to the way they made the lens. Both are f/1.2, both equal in low light. Where the Olympus excels is in the bokeh quality. The Oly also has a more natural color, where the Nocticron has more contrast and bolder color. Basically personal pref but the Olympus is weather sealed, smaller and beautiful. Both are fantastic, and both are for low light use which is why one would open up to f/1.2.

    • Yep, just as I said in the video. It’s a 90 2.4 equivalent DOF but for light gathering it’s an f/1.2. The feathered bokeh is what makes these lenses so nice IMO. That and the AF speed and very sharp results wide open.

      • But for light gathering with a sony A7 you can usegigher ISO. I own an Oly E-M5 with many lenses and I love it. But a E-M1 has about the same size as a Sony A7. GH5 and G9 is even bigger. The Oly 40-150 about same size as the Sony 70-300. An Oly 7-14 is not much smaller than the Sony 12-24(but wider angle). So for my use I could get an Sony equipment for almoust the sime size but it would be about the double price.
        For travelling I use the Panasonic 7-14 and Olympus 12-100.

    • Bernhard a 1.2 draws differently, renders differently, let’s in far more light than 2.4 : this shows in photographs.

      See the many F1.2 images on Flickr from various lenses.

      As for shallow dof compared to FF, F2.4 at 90mm gives plenty separation of subject whilst not having that one eye brow in focus style.

  4. I hope your post and the new Oly lenses knock it out of the park and that the 45 Pro dethrones the Nocticron. Early reviewers photos clearly show a slight advantage in center sharpness wide open, flare, vignetting and CA. As to whether or not those advantages will trump the Nocticron’s unique Leica-esque rendering remains to be seen. It has been difficult to get excited about my m43 gear with the A7R III so dominating the tech-scapes with its do all, be all excellence and superiority over most all other cameras and systems … if one were to purchase the A7R III, they would, in all likelihood want for nothing 😉

    • @ Scott ” if one were to purchase the A7R III, they would, in all likelihood want for nothing” ….
      Not even blueberry pancakes 🙂

      The thing I like about Olympus F1.2 lenses they are clearly made for OMD EM1 , G, GH larger bodies.
      Whereas Nocticron made for GF, EP smaller bodies.
      This way photographers get choices best of both types m4/3 : small size small lenses; pro body with pro lenses.

      • The Olympus is slightly smaller than the Nocticron, not as thick. So the Nocticron is not for smaller bodies, it’s larger for a M 4/3 lens

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