More images with the new Olympus 17 and 45 f/1.2 Lenses!

More images with the new Olympus 17 and 45 f/1.2 Lenses!

It’s time for more Micro 4/3 love here on this website with the Olympus EM1 MKII and the new 17 and 45mm f/1.2 Pro Prime Lenses. With me being sick all last week, this week I am finally digging into some gear I have lying around here for me to use, test, and to look over. I found quite a few more images on my SD card taken with these new lenses (from South Carolina) and as I said before, I am really digging the way these lenses render when wide open. Shooting at F/1.2 is super fun, and quite nice with these lenses as they really have no huge issues wide open. Yep, we may see some CA in high contrast situations at times (most fast lenses do this, especially the Leica Noctilux that comes in at $11k) but it’s minimal and of course, fixable if it bothers you. That kind of thing sort of comes with the territory.

What I have noticed shooting with these lenses is that they are fast, they feel great, and while they are slightly on the large side for micro 4/3 (but much smaller than full frame equivalents) they are not that large at all really, and they balance extremely well on the EM1 bodies. Wide open, these lenses are fantastic. Sharp, creamy, gorgeous color, nice contrast and brings an overall beautiful rendering.

I own the Olympus EM1 MKII along with the 8mm Pro 1.8, the 7-14 Pro, the 25 f/1.2, and the 300 Pro. All of those lenses are just amazing. After handling and shooting these two new lenses I now want the 45 1.2 for sure, and at some point in 2018 I will also buy the 17. Then my Olympus kit will be complete. I will soon be testing the Panasonic G9 and yep, these lenses will be compatible with the G9 as well (though I prefer using Panasonic lenses on Panasonic bodies as they have some jewels as well). To anyone who shoots Micro 4/3, if you have been wanting to get as close to a full frame vibe with your camera…these lenses are going to get you as close as you can for M 4/3. Quality glass that can rival Leica glass, smaller size, fast aperture and usable focal lengths. While the Sony A7RIII is my CAMERA of the Year 2017, these lenses may be my LENSES OF THE YEAR. They are wonderful.

But why “Lenses of the Year” when so many fantastic lenses were released this year? Well, as I said..they offer the M 4/3 shooter something very valuable…speed. They do so with small size, rack solid bulletproof build, manual focus implemented like it was a REAL mechanical lens with hard focus stops and that clutch? Awesome. Shoot it in rain, sleet, will not fail. Wide open at f/1.2 they are sharp, offers perfect contrast and pop and the color is beautiful and rich. With the 17. 25 and 45 we get 35, 50 and 90. All we need now is a 12mm f/1.2. I will say it here now. If Olympus ever releases a 12mm f/1.2 PRO, I will drop all other systems and 100% shoot my Olympus, exclusively with all of the primes. All we need now with M 4/3 is extended DR, slight improvements to low light/high ISO and IMO a larger EVF. EM1 MKIII anyone? Well, maybe in 2 years but for now I will enjoy the new glass with the MKII. I am enjoying these lenses so much, I have a bag packed with all three primes (and the 8mm 1.8 as well) to shoot with them this week, seeking out some Christmas spirit. Stay tuned for that report soon. For now, some images with these new lenses, all at f/1.2.

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  1. Hi Steve,
    Just to validate your observations with these Olympus Pro lenses Steve. They are sublime.
    You get 1.2 light gathering, some of the sharpest, best corrected optics I’ve ever seen next to a Leica 50 APO or Otus and a creamy out of focus rendering that – in my opinion anyway – renders like a lens with an apodization filter in it but without the light loss! It’s a technical tour the force and more importantly oozes an organic character. While I see some make comparisons with FF 85 1.8’s and the shallow depth of field comparisons across formats, show me a FF 85 1.8 that is weather sealed as well, has such a close minimal focus distance, has a manual focus clutch mechanism for video, is as sharp wide open as the Olympus Pro’s (or even stopped down) and can produce images with background context and an apodization filter look (without the associate light loss) with buttery smooth creamy transitions instead of harsher transitions! I would wager that only a handful of very premium expensive optics can tick all of those boxes.
    Keep up the good work Steve!

  2. But you can get the same speed with a Nikon 85mm f1.8g on a D750 @ f2.4, and you can shoot even faster @ f1.8 (an MFT equivalent f.90), and it costs about half as much as this lens, and the D750 costs less than the mark ii, and the Nikon rig is only 5 ounces heavier. What am I missing?

      • No, these are f/1.2 lenses so the speed is to equivalent, only the FOV is. These are full f/1.2 lenses with f/1.2 light gathering, so there is no such thing as “equivalent speed” here. They are exactly what they say they are, 17mm and 45mm f/.2 lenses. While you get a 35mm and 90mm FOV, the f/1.2 speed, aperture, is still f/1.2.

    • Sure, in a much larger camera where you lose the EVF (which many prefer) and the bulletproof build and seals of the Olympus (which is better than the D750, as good as it is). This is for those who want smaller size, no compromise build, EVF, speed, and things only a mirrorless can offer, of which this camera has MANY features only available on Olympus. 5 Axis IS inside that is the best IS of any camera made, livetime for night shooting, high res shot, etc. To those who are attracted to the EM1 MKII and its lenses, well, they are looking to get away from DSLR’s. These lenses sweeten the deal for M 4/3 shooters as they are truly fantastic in IQ, color, and usability with the MF clutch. The f/1.2 speed, and it is f/1.2 speed, is great to have for M 4/3.

  3. You would drop your other systems? Thats some strong stuff!

    I guess it depends on what one’s needs are.

    It does appear tbough that nothingis forfeited, or very little at this point with this gear. I just got the 45 and it is every bit the stunner that the 25 is.

    For user experience – very hard to beat EM1MK2 w these lenes. For IQ? About as good as it gets.

    Enjoying the site Steve

    Thx as always

    And tbx to All for the vreat submissiions

    • We all have different tastes and likes. I also love Sony and Leica ; ) My problem is I must be a fanboy of many brands…lol. So much good stuff out there today. Thanks.

  4. The parking meter pic is just beautiful, color rendering, details and bokee
    And by the way the EM1-mklll as described, yes, count me in.

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