$2000 off of the Hasselblad X1D BLACK kit with 45mm Lens!

$2000 off of the Hasselblad X1D BLACK kit with 45mm Lens!

Hey all, just an FYI for the few of you who may be considering the X1D. Yea, it’s expensive. Yea, it’s controversial. Yea, it’s not for everyone. BUT there are some out there, like me, who would consider it their favorite camera ever. With all of the amazing firmware updates this camera has really gotten so much better, with each firmware update. It is my fave camera ever, yes EVER. Over any Leica, Sony or Olympus. But even so, I do not use it every day. I use it for why I bought it, mainly. Occasionally portraits, and VERY low light concert work, to which I have found nothing better. In fact, it’s dated as the best sensor ever for low light/high ISO by DXO. I never go by DXO results when buying a camera but they did just validate my thoughts on the low light abilities of this camera. It beats the Fuji GFX in low light due to the way the sensor was implemented in the X1D. The beautiful and amazing thing about this camera is the size and performance that you get in the size. It’s the best feeling and built camera I have ever used, and fits my hand like a glove. I can take it anywhere, anytime and never feel burdened by weight or size. I love it.

I have reviewed this camera at length in four parts. Here they are Part 1 (holy crap I just bought this thing) Part 2 (low light)Part 3 (as a walk around camera)Part 4 (is LESS MORE?). Each page has a video companion where I show the camera in use, etc.

Hasselblad has lowered the cost of the Black model (which seems to be the more desirable body as they launched it at a higher price than the silver) with 45mm lens by $2000.  See it at B&H Photo here.


  1. I ended up buying an X1D after reading your awesome and passionate 4-part review in December and can honestly say its the best camera Ive ever owned. I keep taking pictures *of* the camera too because its just so damn beautiful. 🙂 i actually perfer the the silver because it gives it a classic look and feel and sets it apart from all the other black-colored bodies out there. A couple of times Ive been stopped on the street by people asking me what the heck my camera is. I got the 30mm lens and its just awesome. Anxiously waiting for that promised zoom lens this sunmer.

    Incidentally Steve have you seen this video of the Zeiss Otus lens with the hassie? https://petapixel.com/2017/12/15/hasselblad-x1d-zeiss-otus-85mm-ultimate-image-quality/

    After watching that i bought the fotodiox adapter and will rent that lens to check it out for myself.

    As for the “controversy” around the camera. Id say most of those are from last year before the 1.20 firmware updates that addresses most of the negative feedback from users. I love that Hasselblad is investing so much effort and resources into this system – which is why i bought into it because the future roadmap looks great!


    • >I keep taking pictures *of* the camera
      >the silver it gives it a classic look and feel
      >people asking me what my camera is.
      You perfectly described the sad demographic that Hasselblad has to cater to, to keep the business afloat. All those words about how your camera looks, what colour is the best, what people think about it, how photogenic it is, no mention of how it performs or -god forbid!- a link of your work and photos taken with it.

      Fortunately your dollars are as good as everyone’s and fund the development of great cameras that actual photographers use to produce great work.

      • Hey Giannis,

        Thanks for that incitement comment. Likewise, your comment perfectly describes the typical commenter on YT, or photographic sites and the reason why I never comment on sites like this. Thanks for confirming that you are a troll that doesnt deserve any more of my attention. I dont need to share any of my work or prove anything to you. I take photos for the love of it and for myself alone. Not for your enjoyment, or more likely for you to throw more hate at my work. Becuase thats all you care to do it seems. I pity people like you.

        My comment was directed at Steve and Steve alone. From now on I will just email him directly whenever I want to discuss something with him.

  2. Super nice camera, I did have a short opportunity to handle it and also was able shoot a few images (to my own SD-card) at a photographic exhibition/show in south east Sweden (just some 100 kilometers from the Hasselblad factory FWIW 😉 in the fall 2016. Felt soo nice in hand, really something!

    BUT…why do you say it is a “controversial” camera, Steve??? In what ever way is it controversial? Don´t get that…
    Price? Well, since when was any H camera not expensive to most “not needing it” people? Nothing special with that…so why?

    • It is controversial as MANY reviewers panned it and called it garbage. Others say it is one of the best, if not the best, camera they have used, myself included.

      • OK, in that respect, I do get it. Thanks Steve! While I did like the “in hand experience” a LOT, due to, in part, the absolutely superb ‘materials texture’ if we may say so, I didn´t and still don´t, like its .,…looks 😉 It´s not very nice to look at, to me it lokos cheap actually. Not that it matters too much, since even if I would like to get it I´ll never, ever, be able to, due to the costs of the body and maybe a couple of lkenses.

        But its quality and useability for those needing those very things in a camera, I´m only happy it came to existence, and of course it´s nice it is concieved and produced in my home country. 😉

        May Hasselblad sell a lot of ’em!!

        • The X1d is the opposite of “cheap” when it comes to construction. Beats Leica, and therefore beats everyone else. Fuji feels like a plastic toy next to an X1D. Thats how good the build is. When you hold it and use it, thats when you will understand how well it is made. ; )

  3. Hi Steve. I see you prefer this to Leica for low light concert photo. I’m just curious to what lens you use then? With Leica you can use a Noctilux or Summilux, does the Hasselblad even beat it then?

    Thank you for a great page 🙂

    • Yes without question. The X1D, even using the slower 30 and 45mm lenses have much greater low light capabilities than ANY Leica, even if one purchased the $11,000 Noctilux. So $20k worth of Leica can not beat $11k worth of Hasselblad in low light situations and in daylight offers much higher Dynamic Range and resolution as well while keeping the shooting experience similar. The X1D is also built to a nicer level, even above Leica IMO. There is no Leica made today that can shoot in super low light and have usable results. Once you hit 10k ISO with the SL or M10, that is about it. Now, keep in mind I am speaking of really low light scenarios. If it’s just standard low light then the Leica M10 and SL can do great, again, as long as you do not have to go to 10K ISO which is where they start to really degrade.

      • Love your enthusiasm for the Hasselblad camera but in your Leica M10 review you wrote extensively about the high ISO performance (even at 12500-25000). Surely it’s possible to shoot usable concert pics with a modern Leica (or film). Maybe X1D is a better choice in those light conditions but unusable results…?

        • No, it is not when you shoot in dive bars and local music clubs which offer no real light. I shoot regularly in a place that has two red light bulbs as the light source. The M10, SL or Micro 4/3 can not do it very well. Not without tons of noise at 10K ISO. Remember, teh darker it gets, the more stress on the sensor capabilities at high ISO. One can shoot indoor light at 12800 ISO and have an OK image. Shoot in VERY low light and that noise creeps in big time. Making the files unusable. This is why I NEVER EVER understand reviewers testing ISO with studio lights. To me, that is ridiculous and always has been as the true capability with ISO is shown in very low light conditions. The X1D, well, for low light and high ISO nothing beats it, period. Nothing. This is also backed up by DXO who says the same. I can shoot in those 2 lightbulb clubs at 25K ISO and have CLEAN files, and have shown this in my reviews ; ) Leica wether digital or film, can not get close. The only one who can is the Sony A9 or A7SII, but I much prefer the look of the X1D files. Thank you.

  4. This product seem more relevant to the equipment-phile than photographer. An amazing product indeed, that most will never use… but only dream about. So until another day, its back to basics. long live c.j. chilvers.

    • Not for the “equipment-file” but for the photographer, unlike most cameras made today ; ) Cheaper than a Leica M setup, same cost as a Leica SL setup with one lens…and those are used by real photographers every day, just as this one is. Best camera I have ever tested or owned. Love mine.

    • Ok, I take your word for it, sounds like an impressive dynamic range among other things! I don’t have the M10 or M246 yet so I can test in field, I have a M9 and it’s more or less a before sunset camera (unless very steady hands or tripod). : ). Agree with the stupid studio tests. Cheers

  5. I have to say, this camera is just stunning. I played wit this and the GFX at a local trade show recently. The X1D is just a perfect feeling camera. The grip is the best feeling grip on a camera I’ve ever held. Whereas the GFX felt really cheap in comparison. Have fun with it……

  6. Great move your goin to love those files man! The have-nots are still goin to rip you apart though.

    Seriously enjoy! More great firmware updates coming real soon!

  7. In addition to the included accessories, you also get an additional year of warranty coverage when you purchase the black 4116 kit. Mine also came with the GPS attachment included in the box.

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