Stuck in New York with The Leica SL during a Winter Storm! By Shai Ashkenzi

Stuck in New York with The Leica SL during a Winter Storm!


My name is Shai Ashkenazi and I am a photographer from Israel. About a week ago, I returned from New York. I assume you have heard about the extreme weather the city experienced for consecutive weeks of cold and wind and for the end a snowstorm that attacked and closed almost every street and road.

JFK airport was closed and I stayed for another two unplanned days that were full of content and extraordinary beauty.It was an experience I had never experienced before. The city was painted white and the streets were empty I spent hours outdoors in a crazy cold and did not stop admiring and taking pictures of the white and unforgettable moments from one of the most amazing destinations in the world. So here’s a little taste of the project on the magical streets of New York that seemed to me to be pure and clean.

I hope that I will be able to show you my fifth time in the city that was undoubtedly the most fascinating there is. Thank you very much everyone for reading Thank you Steve for the opportunity and opportunity to share my photos!

The equipment with which I was using: Leica SL and 35 mm 1.4 in most of the images and some from the Voigtlander 21 1.8 . The camera survived very extreme weather and did the work very efficiently.

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  1. Very nice work. I own an SL, and it has become my favorite camera of all time. All of my lenses are M-mount. When I first looked at the photos, I felt certain that you were using the weather-sealed 24-90, so I was pleased to see , that in your case, the M lenses withstood the snowy weather so well.

  2. Some really nice shots here – although I tend to prefer snappier, higher contrast files. A few of these look a bit muddy to me. They’re still great photos, though.

    I also do not like vignetting. I don’t consider it a ‘feature’. 😉

  3. Good Snow job. I Leica a lot. Look’s like Leica color and the people are wonderful to see in the cold , getting along with the climate.I took photo’s in a ice storm in Canada at Christmas time. Your photo’s take me back to that day. What a joy…

  4. Nice!
    Good to see the Leica color rendition and B&W`s are never wrong.
    Interesting to call this a blizzard, to me it looks like quite normal winter weather, but I fully appreciate the complication of a BIG city and snow, not a good combination.


    • I really understand what you saying
      For me it was a unusual whether.
      Glad you like my POV and the results
      Thank you

  5. Absolutely love these photos. No need to worry about the SL body. Its your M lens that are not Weather Resistant.

  6. What an impressive series. The shear volume of engaging images all from one day ( I assume ) is amazing. Especially one cold day. You have more stamina than me by a long shot. And like I said, really impressive volume of keepers !!

  7. I really had the feeling of being there! Says a lot about your shots. And I liked the mix of colour and mono.

  8. Beautiful photographs, I live in this weather 3 months a year … never thought doing this … because unlike Israel ( where I was born ) snow in my Canadian city is part of life …

    • My thoughts exactly! As a Canadian, never thought that one of the most engaging series of winter city images I’ve seen would be shot by an Israeli visiting New York.

      • Thank you Ira& David for the kind words
        my Moto never take anything for granted, go out and enjoy life (:

  9. Sorry, Steve.
    But Shai could be unhappy to read his name.
    It should be Shai Ashkenazi.
    Thank you very much!

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