Sony is CHANGING the Game at the White House…

Sony is CHANGING the Game at the White House…

It was only a matter of time really. Mirrorless cameras like the Sony A9 have the capability to shoot in total complete 100% silence so what better choice of a camera if you are shooting INSIDE the White House during live news telecasts? We have all heard those CLICKETY CLACKS of the DSLR’s that have dominated this space forever but these days, some photographers are gaining and edge by going silent. Doug Mills, White House photographer for the New York Times has recently done just that. He switched from Canon DSLR’s to a Sony A9 and he has discovered the benefits of shooting the president or inside the white house during live TV broadcasts in SILENCE. There are many scenarios where this total silence in a pro camera can come into play. Shooting almost ANYTHING can benefit from a silent shutter. Wildlife, Street Photography. Situations like inside the white house, interviews, on location during the shooting of a film, etc. No more do we have to hear the CLANKS of DSLR’s. Sure, there are many silent shutter cameras but until recently there were no real PRO options. Canon and Nikon have dominated the pro space for so long, and now Sony has entered with the A9, and so far they are getting raves from pros who are using them.

Doug Mills calls the A9 a “Game Changer” and I agree. if I were in his shoes I would also be shooting the A9, without any hesitation! So cool to see Sony getting some recognition, as they deserve it for creating such a technological marvel as the A9. It’s funny as I have been shooting the A7RIII but I still prefer the A9, slightly. It’s just a slightly different experience and it’s AF is indeed faster. My A9 review can be seen HERE. 

There’s an interesting read over at the Washington Post that talks about it. 

I will be in Vegas soon for WPPI, and I will have some reports from the road..soon ; )

Check out the A9 at B&H Photo



  1. I am sure the TV companies will ADD the noise as they do laughter in sitcoms!
    THe new design looks great! Great work Steve and Brandon.

  2. I’m relying n memory for this. At one time cameras were prohibited at WH Press Conferences because of shutter noise. This was modified to allow quiet Leica cameras during Eisenhower’s term as I recall. Then everyone was allowed and the clatter has been incessant ever since. Thanks to Sony and electronic shutters this may change.

  3. Excellent about Sony….it is annoying to hear all that clicking..
    As for Stills photographers on television, Movie or documentary sets this is very good news…you would often see large bubble type outfits (SLR) on set to deaden the noise.. as for me shooting with the M4-6 Leicas I just wrapped a small thick cotton towel and checked with sound dept and that worked very..have used Leica M’s for over 50 years, no others and never found the need to switch..

  4. I had a live concert by Klaus Schulze and singer Lisa Gerrard on DVD and it’s sound track was completely ruined by an idiot shooting a DSLR all the time. It was such a bad experience I only saw the DVD once and then threw it away in disgust.


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