Using the Sony A7R III for Portraits with the 85 G master and 58 Primoplan by Caesar Lima

Using the Sony A7R III for Portraits with the 85 G master and 58 Primoplan

by Caesar Lima – His website is HERE

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege to use the brand new A7R Mark 3 that Sony sent for me to test.

I shot hand-held portraits outside mixing natural light and the new Profoto A1, and I was very impressed. I felt comfortable right away with the camera, snappy auto focus and pretty good EVF. So small and lightweight it’s a great camera for street/location. Great battery life also, I shot the whole day almost a 1,000 shots with only one battery.

Sony A7R III
85mm f1.4 GM

I really like the A7R III, such a compact camera but with big features. Not as fast as the A9 (which I tested few months ago) but much better image quality and I’ve noticed that the A7R3 has less noise in high ISO. One of the best sensors I’ve ever shot with, it almost feels like you’re shooting with a medium format camera.
I had a chance to test the Primoplan 58mm f1.9 lens also, a very unique lens, when you shoot at wide open it gives you this dreamy almost painted look in the background.
Sony A7R III
Primoplan 58mm f1.9
Profoto A1
This new body paired with the 85mm f1.4 it becomes an excellent for portraits on location.
Sony A7R III
85 1.4
 No flash? no sun light? No problem… shooting an event at night with available light was a pleasure. Very low noise in high ISO and lots of detail in the shadows and highlights great latitude,  I love the bokeh that of the 85mm f1.4 GM
It was fun shooting at f1.4 with available light, autofocus works very well in low light conditions
super lightweight
very neutral white balanced
great latitude
quick and precise autofocus
42 MP sensor
Great battery life
Too small, needs a battery grip
big files (you may need faster computer)
flash sync speed is only 1/250
shutter speed dial
ISO dial
better grip
brighter EVF

Portraits with Sony A7R III

Photography by Caesar Lima @caephoto
model Kirra Moon @bluemoondiamond 
MMC models 
make up by Omayma Ramzy @miyma_ramzy
wardrobe Mariana Lima  


  1. In the first portrait with the primoplan, what’s with all the grain/noise across her eyes, eyebrow? The rest of the image doesn’t exhibit this…just curious…thanks…

  2. Outstanding work by a very professional worker. Great colors, neat and tidy framing.
    Website reveals the camera matters not!
    Only carp is “shooting 1,000 images in a day”. Reason i quit 35-mm for my fashion shots in late 80′ and into 70’s! I moved to 120 with only 12 photos/ No freaking editing!
    Time better spent with female models.. TY Steve and Brandon.

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