Sony a7III Pre Orders NOW OPEN! Why you want one, and why you may not!

Sony a7III Pre Orders NOW OPEN! Pre Order Now!

The Sony A7III is now available to pre-order as of RIGHT NOW. To those who have decided to go with this camera, you can now go to B&H Photo HERE and Pre Order. Camera is scheduled to Ship in April 2018 and as I have always said, if you truly want one of these cameras (and this is a hot new camera)  the best way to get it is via pre ordering as early as possible. This ensure you are on of the first to get it, and secures your place in line. Kind of like when buying concert tickets..get in quick and you get a good seat. Same concept here.



When you pre-order, the good thing is that it locks you in, and you can cancel the order at any time if you change your mind. It’s a no brainer if you are wanting an a7III or even 90% sure you want one. I predict this will be the biggest selling Sony of the new batch, and possibly ever.

The price point has opened it up to many photographers and with the features that get very close to the a9 and a7RIII, it’s truly the best deal going in full frame mirrorless and is a pretty exciting release, again, due to that price point for what we are getting. $2500 less than an a9 and $1300 less than an a7RIII. This, as Sony says, is the full frame mirrorless “for everyone”.

With the a7III, one can get a full frame, full featured camera with amazing low light abilities, amazing speed, dual card slots, joystick, 4K video, eye AF, stick like glue continuous tracking AF, and of course the new sensor from Sony, all in pretty much the same body as the a7RIII.

I see the camera as a great upgrade to those who shoot other smaller formats who have waited and waited to jump into full frame, as there has been no better time than now to take the leap.

If you can handle slower AF, less features, and an older model, the four year old A7II is now available for around $1100 HERE. That gives a great bang for the buck, but if you can stretch it, this model is leagues better in all ways from body to function to features.

Of course, not everyone wants a new full frame camera, but I had to announce that pre orders are now being taken as of 11AM Eastern Time, today.




  1. I have an A7ii and have been saving up for an A7rii and now this throws a wrench in the works as many others have pointed out. So the question is how good is the 42mp sensor really – for example, would a 50% crop on a 55mm on the a7rii have the same quality as a 105mm on a7iii ? The cost + weight savings of not needing a long range zoom would make the a7rii worth it.

  2. I’ve thought an a7 II and now III would be a great camera, but have been hesitant because of the size of the lenses. Is the Sony FE 50mm f/1.8 a reasonable option? The 40mm f/1.2 Voit meets every goal for most of my type of shooting, but there are times I need an AF lens.

    Thank you.

  3. Hey Steve, do you have any opinions on the 28-70 kit lens that comes with the A7III? I’m wondering if it’s better to put that extra $200 for the kit lens toward something like the 24-70 f4 instead?

  4. Is there any possibility to switch to ‘crop mode’ via a custom button on A7 ?
    I know this might appear as a weird idea…
    But when you travel light, this can be usefull.
    I have it on the penf, some dslrs also have it. You just save time, since you don’t have to resize your photo later.

  5. I decided to place my order. This camera can capture the energy of a scene. Colors look close to a Leica. I’ll be able to use my Contax G lenses along with my Leica, Minolta and Nikon glass. I need a new camera to meet the needs of my clients. My current digital camera is a D5100. It’s been amazing for me. But it shows its age. Looking foreword to your photos and experiences.

    • Only you can recommend one to your self as you know what you need or want. Comes down to do you want 42MP, higher res EVF or do you want 24MP and a a7RII EVF along with $1300?

  6. Do you think Olympus will develop a FF sensor mirrored?
    Have OMD-EM5-ii and just love the glass (and breadth of lenses, especially salivating over new PRO primes) and color,
    Menu is ridiculously complicated but I have learned what I
    need. Should I wait, or switch?

    • No, and if they did, it would require and all new line of lenses, starting from scratch. They are dedicated to M 4/3, and have developed it massively for their system. If they did full frame, it would take years for them to make lenses, and they would then be left in the dust by Sony’s blazing tech path they have been forging. So I do not ever see Olympus releasing a full frame. They did just release a new firmware though.

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