DEAL! BRAND NEW Leica 28 Summicron ASPH f/2 Lens for $2595

DEAL! BRAND NEW Leica 28 Summicron ASPH f/2 Lens for $2595

Here is another Friday morning deal I discovered, and I am not sure how this is possible but Camera West, a respected Leica dealer is selling a NEW Leica 28 Summicron ASPH f/2 lens for $2595, which is way less than the normal $4195 price that say, B&H Photo and others sells it for. They only have one, so if you have been looking for a 28 Summicron, CHECK IT OUT HERE! I was tempted but just do not have the budget for it at this time. Lovely lens for your Leica M!!!


  1. The new one has much better corners, but worse field curvature. Also, they made the new one a much better performer on non-M cameras (SL, Sony A7, etc).

  2. The one offered by Camera West is version I or #11607, the older version. The one sold by B&H is version II or #11672, the newer and improved version and hence more expensive.

      • Hey Steve, Amazon is random and weird like that sometimes, warehouse deals has used mint Otus 55 1.4 Nikon Mount for $1800+, a bargain, unfortunately still too rich for my money.

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