The Voigtlander 35 f/1.2 Nokton on the Leica M 240 by Isi Akahome

The Voigtlander 35 f/1.2 Nokton on the Leia M 240

by Isi Akahome

Hi Steve,
I wanted to share my experience with the Voigtlander 35mm 1.2 Nokton. I borrowed the lens from My Friend Chris Deusing who also loves your site. I’ve had the lens for a few weeks, and It’s an awesome lens when everything comes together perfectly. I mostly shot with the lens at f/2 because the M240′s shutter speed is limited to 1/4000sec. At first I noticed that the images were soft at f/1.2, then I realized that I had to focus a little past the sharpest point in the viewfinder to get the shot in focus. Aside from that little calibration issue wide open, the lens was a blast to use. It’s a heavy solid lens, and I also noticed a little haziness in the parts of the shot that was just slightly out of focus. Here are some images from my fashion shoots with this lens. I used the 35mm focal length to work on my framing and composition, as I was starting to notice a similar look with all my shots on the 50mm Summilux. I really like the wider angle of view for fashion work.
For anyone looking for an alternative to the revered 35mm Summilux and Summicrons, this lens is a bargain for the image quality it is capable of producing, and I plan on buying it from Chris if he gives me a good deal on the lens.
Thanks for all your awesome content Steve, and happy weekend to everyone. You can view more of my work on my Instagram: @isispiks.


  1. Beautiful images mostly, but I’m seeing a lot of artifacts (near high contrast edges), which ruins the look for me.

    What is the cause?

  2. Back in the M9 days, I have shot a few weddings with this lens and this lens only. If there wasn’t any light and I couldn’t crank up the ISO, this was my to go lens. I still use it on the SL where it performs nicely.

  3. There is a very abstract feeling about these photos that give them a dramatic effect that just works. I like the style with its modern look, even if I’m not expert enough to know how much this particular lens contributed to that style. I myself just bought my first Voigtlander lens (50mm f/3.5 Heliar) after lots of Leica glass, so like you I’m in the process of getting to know the brand’s rendition. If your photos are any indication, I’ll be equally hooked soon.

  4. Love that last pic. Mine also back focuses slightly, but the nice thing w/ the 240 is that you can use the EVF to figure out the exact point of focus, then adjust for it there on.
    It handles much better with the M240 if you also use the M Handgrip and a Thumbie.

  5. The Nokton is nice, if you like images with a little retro colors then it will be nicer to you! But in general the FE 35 1.4 is the superior lens! Dont think the summicron is even is the same league as the Zony! Never used the summilux though..

    • $999 vs $5k, the Leica 35 1.4 is sharper and crisper but should be for $4k more. The Voigtlander is for those who prefer a more vintage look to the images, and a creamy bokeh when wide open, as I demoed in my recent report/update using it on the SL and A9.

      • Well Steve, the Voigtländer and Zeiss ZM is for those, who can’t pay the Leica prices. Or not willing to pay. Both Voigtländer and Zeiss are good buy for the money and only experts can tell, if the images is shot with a Leica glass or Voigtländer/Zeiss. For press photography it makes no difference.

        • I can tell which is shot with a Leica, Voigtlander or Zeiss and have done so in the past when some said it was impossible, so you are correct, you can. But that does not make the Leica better, just different. All have signature looks to them. Zeiss with their 3D pop and unique color, Voigtlander usually with a tad of softness and more muted color, and Leica with their crisp corner to corner perfection and also, unique color. Depends on the look you want and what you want to pay for it. I have no problem with someone wanting only Leica glass, not at all. I love Leica, but I also love Zeiss and VM glass as well ; ) All have their places regardless of cost. Thanks for reading this guest post!

          • Sure Steve! I love the Nokton for what it is also. I happen to own it, FE 35 1.4 and a couple of other M 35 mm lenses. Love em all!! Maybe sometime I’ll write about them

  6. You lose 90% of the magic of the lens when you stop it down. There are much lighter, smaller, sharper, cheaper 35 f2-2.5 lenses out there.

      • Investing in a few dollars worth of ND filter would be a good idea I feel like, it would truly let the lens shine 🙂

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