Using a Nikon D500 for kids’ baseball! By Prosophos

Using a Nikon D500 for kids’ baseball!

By Prosophos – His website is HERE.

Hi Steve!

I have been using the Nikon D500 for exactly a year now, and I wanted to share some of the baseball photos I’ve shot with the help of this little beast.
I must confess, I’ve been somewhat of a full-frame sensor “snob” and initially had my doubts about this crop sensor camera, but I have absolutely fallen for it.  It just seems to get out of the way when photographing and I am very satisfied with the image quality.
I hope your readers find my images of interest.
The lenses used were: Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8E, Nikon 105mm f/1.4E, and Nikon 200mm f/2 VRII (no longer own this one) 🙁 .


  1. I really enjoyed these. As a father with a young son, this is the kind of photography I aspire to–capturing the every day stuff of life in a way that is artistic and beautiful. Thanks for sharing! You inspired me to go out and photograph my son.

  2. Sorry, I shd. have visited your website first, all

    your images are excellent! Pls. disregard the advice.

  3. Some of the kids skin color looks pale, it’s more on the yellow side. If you don’t post-process, go to your menu and then to your white balance go to the green & magenta, then go one step down to magenta, it would make the skin redder. It might help, no harm doing, but it”s your preference. Other than that I love your pictures. Thanks for sharing, keep shooting!

  4. Great pictures. The D500 was a camera I considered (still am) for photographing my sons sporting events. It seems to nail the action spot on. That baseball is hanging on a string and the dust from the slide looks like it is in real time. Great angles as well for photographing. You must walk around a bit and not just take pictures from your seat. Anyway thanks for sharing those images from that great sports camera.

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