A Photo Stroll in Wetzlar Germany with the Leica SL by Shai Ashkenzi

A Photo Stroll in Wetzlar Germany with the Leica SL

By Shai Ashkenzi – See his last post using the CL HERE

Hey again Steve and dear readers! After my last post and the mix comments I felt I owe you guys more of Wetzlar (:

Here are some more photos of this beautiful town but this time with my Leica SL, the camera I rule on my sleep unlike the CL that was given to me to play for 2 hours!

Enjoy them and thanks again


  1. I agree: very nice photographs, illustrating various aspects of the locale, and some excellent portraits. Lovely light, too. Both cameras produced fine work, although I think you really hit your stride with the SL. Thank you for sharing!

  2. That’s a lovely set of images from a delightful location. And really there was nothing wrong with the CL set. I think most of us realize you were pressed for time and just wanting to share some quick snaps that demonstrated the general capabilities of the CL.

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