What exactly is a “fanboy”? A new video series…

What exactly is a “fanboy”? A new video series…

Ever since starting this website now almost 11 years ago (WOW am I getting old), I have been accused of being a Sony Fanboy, a Leica fanboy, an Olympus fanboy, a Hasselblad fanboy, and yes, even a Nikon fanboy. I always found that quite funny as I love ALL cameras as long as they do the job, are easy to use and offer something truly exceptional for the hard earned cash I have to lay out to buy them. When a truly great camera arrives to me to test, and there have been MANY, I then decide to use it and review it. Eleven years ago when I started this, there were maybe a few sites reviewing cameras and all of them, ALL of them were doing technical reviews. It was a different time, before video was so prevalent and YouTube was HUGE.

Back then, I was indeed the 1st to offer what I then called “Real World Reviews” of cameras and lenses and was the 1st to coin that term. I did that because I was tired of seeing cameras tested in a lab, and honestly, still to this day can’t stand to read such reviews. Cameras are made to use, not to test in a lab. Performance of a camera should be tested using it as it was designed to be used. IN THE REAL WORLD, hence, why I called my reviews back then “Real World Reviews”.

These days, hundreds use this term to review cameras, which I applaud and love. 

But of the hundred of cameras and lenses I have had through my hands, maybe half were worthy of taking the time to use them, get excited about them and review them. I never reviewed items I did not like or care for, which is why over the years you never have seen me review cameras like the Nikon D850, or the overly large DSLR’s. Not that those are not fantastic cameras, quite the contrary, but I have always enjoyed smaller, high quality cameras. For me, that niche has always been done best by LEICA.

But again, times are a changing. These days, other cameras have or will soon emerge as competitors to what Leica has always been so good at. Look at Fuji and their X100 series. Look at even cheap cameras like the Canon M50, which I used to laugh at and always thought of as crap. I was wrong again, as the small M50 is quite the capable camera. Tiny, light, fastest AF that even beats my Sony A9 (though not for sports or continuous shooting) and gorgeous video with an EVF, simple menu and ease of use that speaks to my heart. While the body feels cheap, the camera IS cheap at $699 with a kit lens. Even the kit lens is good.

So a review of the M50 IS COMING! Stay tuned.

Even though I enjoy this Canon, I still love Sony, Leica, Olympus and even Canon, Nikon and Fuji. THEY ALL offer something unique and what one camera offers, the other may not. So there are many cameras that have a place in my heart and for that reason I have been called a FANBOY of almost ALL brands! I find it quite funny as that term is in all reality, a silly one. Whoever made it up, well… it is a term that stems from jealousy itself. For one to call another a fanboy, it means the person doing the name calling has been offended or upset by the persons love for their camera of choice. BECAUSE THEY THEMSELVES are the true fanboy! For example. A guy who shoots a Fuji and LOVES IT may call a guy who praises his Sony and even spreads his happiness with it a FANBOY. Only because the Fuji shooter thinks HIS camera is best (when there are no “best” cameras), making him the true FANBOY. The real fanboy HATES anyone who praises any camera but the one they use and shoot and they take offense if someone else praises any other brand! It’s classic reflection! Reflecting their own emotions onto others by trying to label them a fanboy when all along they are the true fanboy!

Anyway, it’s silly. I’m a fanboy alright! But a fanboy of GOOD TECH, GOOD CAMERAS and CAMERAS THAT INSPIRE ME. 100% all the way. What I am not is a fanboy of one brand, nor am I a guy who trashes others who shoot other brands than I do. I always say, SHOOT WHAT YOU LIKE, SHOOT WHAT INSPIRES YOU and SHOOT what WORKS for YOU!

I see some out there (mostly now on YouTube) calling out “fanboys” (mostly trashing Sony shooters) when they are a HUGE and OBVIOUS FUJI FANBOY (if we go by the definition some have made for that word)! It’s that classic reflection I mentioned. To me, in all seriousness, there really is no such thing as a fanboy. If someone uses brand A and loves it and spreads that love, that is a good thing. It is information some of us WANT. It stems from passion and love and excitement. FACT: ALL cameras these days are fantastic and each has something for the one who uses it that sets it apart. So use what you love, and leave the fanboy-ism to those obsessed with trash talk, which is all it is.

With that said, check out the new video below I made ALL IN FUN. It pokes fun at the whole “Fanboy” thing, and is not in any way meant to trash Sony or those who love Sony. As you know, I LOVE AND SHOOT SONY!! I have been labeled a Sony Fanboy hundreds of times!! Lol. So all in fun, mostly to poke fun at those who always use the “fanboy” terminology. I planned on making one of these for ALL brands, even using props for some and making a few of them really comedic. Not sure yet but again, all in fun. ; )

See this interview with a Sony Fanboy (All in good fun)


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