FOR SALE: Canon M50 Kit & Extra Lenses! DEAL!

FOR SALE: Canon M50 Kit & Extra Lenses! GREAT deal. 

If you want these items, email me HERE. 

Hey guys! I am selling a Canon M50 with Kit lens, in box, in mint condition. Comes with battery, charger, and all that came with it when new. I am also selling it WITH the 11-22 Lens and the 22mm f/2 as well. These are all in boxes and like new. These sell for around $1250-$1300 new total as a kit but will sell all of this as an “ultimate M50 Kit” for $700 which is the same as the price of the camera and kit lens ALONE on Amazon. So it’s like getting the 11-22 and 22 f/2 for free. 

Everything is in perfect working order and no damage at all cosmetically.

I can sell separate but prices will be slightly different: 

M50 Kit with 15-45 – $450

11-22 Lens in Box – $225

22mm f/2 Lens in Box – $125

or buy all for $700 shipped within the USA. PayPal OK but adds 3%. 

I will also throw in a Canon M6 if you buy the entire M50 kit for an extra $250. Body only. Will sell the M6 body only separate for $350.


  1. Steve, i sent you an email. I am very intersted in the M50 kit. If all checks out, i will take it. Please let me know

  2. Hey Steve. I’ve sent you a couple of emails about the EOS M6, but haven’t heard back from you. If you could, let me know if they’re not arriving for one reason or another. Thanks!

  3. Hey Steve. I’d be extremely interested in the M6 body for $350. How would I go about contacting you about it?

  4. Hi Steve. You have been so happy with the M50 for Video, i wonder what changed your opinion. Was that the 1DX II? Are you doing all your video-stuff with it now?
    Or was it more like a NTS and now you have a more realistic look on the M50?

    • I no longer need it as I have the 6DII for most casual stuff and the 1dXII for the rest (video wise). The M50 will be unused from now on, so rather than have it sit unused I decided to offer it for sale.

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