Sony RX1 vs Leica M240 on the same Shoot by Isi Akahome

Sony RX1 vs Leica M240 on the same Shoot

by Isi Akahome

Hi Guys,

So, I thought this would be an interesting post.. I used both cameras on the same shoot, and I gotta say that they both shine. I really enjoy strobing with the RX1, and using the M240 with available light. I love both of these cameras. The RX1 is my baby. We’ve been through everything in the past 6 years, and she’s still the first camera that I’ll pick as a do-it-all general purpose camera, and the M240 with the 50mm summilux is just magic, so I usually just take them both, and see what works best (that is until the Fuji GFX 50R comes along). Take a look at the shots from the editorial, and see if you can tell the difference between images shot by both cameras.

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Thanks Steve for being the MVP.


  1. These are very nice pictures. I couldn’t care less about which camera was used. Both cameras are very good and so is the photographer. The petty criticisms are just that: – petty.

  2. I think that the first 8 pictures were taken with a Sony e the last 5 with a Laica camera. The Sony’s pictures have just a bit of cold colors. Even if these all are good pictures, they have a poor resolution that not justify the quality of each camera, Sony or Leica that it was. But this is only my comment.
    Good work

  3. Honestly I can’t tell the difference between the two on a first glance. If you told me which is which maybe I could see something but no matter what all the pictures look great and did not appear grainy on my monitor. I really like the way you used the lighting and how you rendered the pictures. Anyway makes me want to get a used Sony RX1 and try it out. Thanks for sharing a very unique perspective and an interesting comparison.

  4. Technically I think these photos, as well as posted, are very poor. The 50 mm from the 35 mm is distinguished but otherwise they may have been made with any camera. I could have done copy and paste of what he wrote before me. I’m sorry.

  5. Nice Images but with that kind of postprocessing it is definetly hard to tell.
    If thats what you like an do to all your Images, you could probably get similar results with any modern camera.

  6. Sorry, maybe I did not get it. The pictures look very nice in the article. But, at full resolution, they are very grainy. I can not tell they were taken using high quality lenses and cameras such as RX1 and M240.

  7. TBH, at this resolution, and on an sRGB monitor, you could have told me it was an iPhoneX

  8. It’s a very close call, but some of the images have a little more contrast and are very slightly sharper than some of. the others and I would guess that those are shot with the M240. All images are very pleasing.

  9. The RX1 key shifts a scene wonderfully with a stobe . Excellent skills at keeping ambient clouds detail with interior and exterior lighting with a strobe. Also keeping facial lighting pattern similar for natural and strobe lighting is excellent.

  10. I certainly couldn’t tell – but an eye catching juxtaposition with the lamp above the model’s head!

  11. Well, if i were to hazard a general guess, I’d say the darker ones are the Leica and the brighter ones are the Sony – and I like the tonality of both!

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