Leica CL “100 Years of bauhaus” Special Edition is Announced.

Leica CL “100 Years of bauhaus” Special Edition is Announced.

Leica has announced a new special edition and I must admit, it is a lovely looking version of the Leica CL. This one comes with the 18mm pancake lens and a black Leica dot! A strap is also included. This is limited to 150 sets worldwide and comes in at $3,750. A normal edition CL with the 18mm sells for $3195 so this one does come with a premium price of $555 more over the standard version. Those black dots must not come cheap!

You can see my review of the Leica CL HERE. 

You can pre order it from Leica Store Miami HERE. 


  1. Cmooon Leica this should been :
    brown synthetic leather with brass top and brass bottom.

  2. Please do not gloss over this point:

    “A strap is also included”

    This is very important as Leica is the only company in the history of photography that includes a camera strap with every camera sold. Quite frankly I am surprised no-one else has thought about this. I don’t care if the Sony A7riii has a 47mp sensor, or the Nikon D850 has a film digitizing mode. No strap, no sale. PERIOD.

  3. After a little more than a year shooting the CL (somewhere north of 1ooo images), I highly recommend this camera. The CL is particularly well suited as a travel camera or as a backup to a Leica SL (CL lenses work perfectly on an SL though the image will only be 11MP vs. 24MP with an SL lens or adapted M lens).
    After several tries with the X family of cameras, Leica has gotten “it” right with the CL.

    • I do not see it in the middle. It is on the left side if on a computer and at the bottom if on mobile. I am just experimenting with it at this time. Thank you for the feedback.

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