Updates! …and new Nikon Noct 58mm f/0.95

Updates! …and new Nikon Noct 58mm f/0.95

Hey guys! Just an update as I have not updated in a week or so! Phew, been busy. Last week I was out-of-town all week and arrived home this weekend. I then rested up.

This week I will be posting a new review of an all new camera, video and written. That’s all I can say on that right now!

I also noticed the new Nikon Z50 was announced while I was away, and what are my thoughts on that? Well, it’s not something I want to rush out and buy personally but it could be the solution for those looking for a nice camera upgrade without spending a fortune. See my Nikon Z6 review HERE.

The new Z50 from Nikon, with lens, comes in at under $1000! 

It’s an APS-C Z mirrorless (DX format), which is great for those looking to get into the Nikon Z system but for those with a Z6 or Z7, it may not be what you are looking for, but maybe it is. You can read about the new Z50 HERE. 

It has the great Nikon ergonomics and feel, as well as that Nikon color signature that is really great for landscape and nature (IMO). The cool part? B&H Photo has it at $856 which is a GREAT price for what it offers. 

The new Noct Nikkor. 

I am biased as I love and adore the original Noct Nikkor. I love EVERYTHING about it, and did a review of it just recently HERE. When I see this new lens, priced at $8000, I feel my brain twitch.

I would take the old version EVERY DAY over this one. The old one can be had for $3500 and will have GOBS more character than this version, which obviously was made for “perfection” in a fast lens. Now, I admit, these statement lenses can be gorgeous. But when lenses get too large, too heavy…we tend to leave them at home.

Also, $8000! We go from an $850 body from Nikon to an $8000 lens! Nikon is not Leica. Leica has a 50 f/0.95 for almost $12k. I owned it, twice. But today I would never buy a Leica Noctilux (new) as I simply can not afford it and again, I prefer the old Noct Nikkor over even the Leica and it is $8000 cheaper! This is 100% true. For me and my tastes.

This new Nikkor Noct 58 f/0.95 is huge, heavy, manual focus only and at $8000 will be sold to those who are really drawn to the fast aperture and mystique of the lens. I originally lusted after this lens when it was announced forever ago, but today I am less excited due to the price and size. Also, the fact that I am biased as I said (I adore the original).

It’s all about character for me, not perfection. To me, perfection is boring and the current rage seems to be “Sharper, bigger, faster” to which I say..SLOW DOWN and enjoy taking images from the heart. We do not need biting sharpness to have a great beautiful soulful image.

But for those lusting after this new Nikkor $8000 beast, I am sure it will bring Zeiss Otus levels to the Nikon Z, natively. Just be ready to pay the price. Still, I’d recommend the original if you can find a great copy on the used market.

So new review coming this week, and will also be working on a new set of videos that will be uploaded over the next few weeks. 



  1. Great info, Steve. Thom Hogan makes claim that the Nikkor 50mm f1.8 S is already in Zeiss Otus territory. The Nikkor Noct is only 12 times more expensive with practically the same focal length. Like yourself, I had the Leica Noctilux and sold it because I found myself not shooting nearly enough wide open because of less than sharp images. Operator error, I’m sure, but the Noctilux became an exercise in frustration to get even one eye sharp on a portrait at f0.95; however, those that enjoy that “look” will enjoy that type lens. I will say for those that have never shot with that large of an aperture, manual focus, it may save you a heck of a lot of money and frustration if you rent one first. Please understand what you are getting into. More expensive, insanely more expensive, never meant better across the board. I learned that. At probably f2.8 and smaller, you will see no difference in IQ than that of the 50mm S and Noct.

    • Thanks Walter. The Noct is nothing like a Zeiss Otus, or any other glass made, ever. It’s simple to focus on a camera like the Leica SL (a breeze, a dream) but I would never buy this to use on a DSLR as focusing on a DSLR with this lens would be a disappointment and only end with missed focus. Using this on a Leica SL was, for me, an amazing experience and made it easy to get that unique look. Not one shot out of focus for me to date with the combo. No other lens will deliver the look of this lens, especially a 50 1.8. ; ) Thank you for reading!

  2. Hi Steve, i have been following your site for a while. I considered your views to be open and fair, which actually helped me in selecting a camera for myself. However I was shocked when i read your brief review on the news Nikon Noct. I wished you had at least tested this lens before you reached any conclusion, either negative or positive. Sure it is your freedom to post your opinion, but to me your comment on this topic has tainted your credibility, at least to me.

    • Well, I have not reached any conclusion, only for myself. Personally. This blog/site has always been “personal” and I share my opinions much like a movie reviewer. How I have done reviews for 12 years now. I remember when I said that the Nikon V1 was going to be no good. Blah. I then got one and loved it, and my review was called “The camera I expected to hate”. I then bought three of them and wrote about them for a year. This was no conclusion but thoughts, my thought process. I know I DO NOT WANT an $8000 manual lens that looks like a tank, and will have modern day “perfection” as its goal. I would MUCH rather own the old version as it will, without question, have much more character. So why would I want to spend $8000 on a heavy huge lens, that I would ever want to take out when I can own a legend for $5k less and have it with me at all times, and get to use it on my Leica, Sony as well? So those were my thoughts. Nothing has changed with me or how I write and certainly my reviews do not play it safe nor do I “play the game” to get in good graces with camera companies like so many do these days. I say what I think. But who knows, I may use this lens and end up loving it, it’s happened before! ; ) Thank you for your thoughts, they are appreciated.

  3. Steve,
    you made me smile. When lenses get to large and heavy, we tend do let them home. This lens for sure.
    But i don´t think the Noct is made for Street Photography. Neither for taking it with you when you you´re hiking. Even in the studio there might be very few applications for such a lens.
    In my opinion such a lens will be useful, beside sitting in a collector´s shelf, on a fashion set outside. There are some occasions when you need a dreamingly feeling in your photos but at the same time a very sharp center for enlarging on Posters.
    And you might find this lens also useful on bigger Video-Productions when you want an unique look but also technical perfection.

      • Hi Steve,
        now that i´ve seen some sample photos i must admit that i understand what you mean. The new Noct is not nearly as perfect as i expected to see. With those flaws, some might call it character, the old version might also be a viable option.

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